Fidelis Music Systems, EINSTEIN Audio, and Stenheim | AXPONA 2019


AXPONA 2019 Show Coverage brought to you by the LSA Group

CHICAGO (PTA) — Stenheim unveiled their new ALUMINE THREE loudspeaker, and Einstein Audio Components displayed a full stack of tube deliciousness and a sharp looking turntable.


The Story

Stenheim was generous enough to choose AXPONA 2019 as the location for the world premier of their new compact tower loudspeaker — the ALUMINE THREE. The model THREE sits in the middle of the ALUMINE line just below the FIVE and TWO models. The FIVE is a bigger tower and shares more in common with the new THREE. The FIVE was launched in 2016, and now meets it’s younger sibling in the model THREE — which affectionately at Stenheim is referred to as “the little FIVE”. It all starts with a 20mm thick aluminum front baffle, 10mm thick aluminum enclosure, deadening the entire package into exhibiting exact control over what goes on inside. It is a three-way driver system, with two bass drivers, one mid-range, and one tweeter. Bass and mid-range driver cones are a specially treated paper material and coating. The bass drivers are finished with durable rubber surrounds, while the mid-range driver uses a treated fabric surround to allow for high-efficiency across the frequency range. Multiple types of crossovers are used in the ALUMINE THREE, and suspected to be the case with each flanking model in the line-up. Not to tell any family secrets, but Linkwitz-Riley is one of them.

Where the Stenheim ALUMINE THREE differs from it’s larger brother (FIVE) in the enclosure design is in separation of the drivers. The THREE isolates only the bass drivers from the mid/high chamber. The mid and tweeter, share a single aluminum inner-enclosure. In the FIVE, each driver receives complete isolation. Which unlike human beings, makes them happier.

Bass augmenting is done by a front-facing laminar port on each tower. Efficiency and speed are the name of the game, and this style of port design found to be what works best to keep bass up to the pace of the rest of the driver system. There is an intense damping system within the speaker enclosure, but not to say it is over-damped. It is the right damping necessary to allow the speaker to bloom when enjoyed loud.

If you’d like to read more about Einstein Audio Components, do check our coverage from AXPONA 2018: Einstein Audio, persistence is Art.


The Sound

One thing that immediately jumps out about Stenheim loudspeakers is that they aren’t tiring. You could easily sit back with these speakers for days on end, and never find yourself at any level of sonic fatigue. This is a modern speaker design, that pays technical homage to the past, and prioritizes sound and what works over trying to reinvent the wheel.


In concert with Einstein’s electronics, the Einstein turntable displayed a stunningly live sound without any sense of harshness or metallic clang. I say “metallic clang” because to some it might appear that metal enclosure speakers are not capable of being sonically inert, but I’m here to tell you they are phenomenal.

The System


– ALUMINE THREE Loudspeakers – $29,900 pr USD


– Silver Bullet OTL Mono Blocks – $68,000 pr USD

– The Preamp – $24,000 USD

– The Phono Preamplifier – $16,000 USD

– The Turntable – $13,000 USD

– The Tonearm – $7,500 USD

– The Pickup – $7,000 USD

Many thanks to Paul at Fidelis Music Systems

AXPONA 2019 Show Coverage brought to you by Core Power Technologies
AXPONA 2019 Show Coverage brought to you by Core Power Technologies

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  1. I first heard Einstein Audio a few years back at THE SHOW and it was amazing. Have they finally found an American Distributor for their electronics?

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