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AXPONA 2019 Show Coverage brought to you by Core Power Technologies
AXPONA 2019 Show Coverage brought to you by Core Power Technologies

CHICAGO (PTA) — For the first time at AXPONA, Legacy Audio speakers were being powered completely by Legacy Audio amplification via internal power or the new Legacy Powerbloc amplifier series.


The Story

The big news for show attendees and long-time Legacy Audio fans, is that Legacy was showing all of it’s speaker systems at the show with their own power amplifiers.

The bigger news is that more and more of Legacy amplification is making its way into more Legacy speaker models. For example, the Focus XD version of their tower loudspeaker now offers its own internal ICE power amplification. On a related note, Legacy is also in development with ICE to produce a new Legacy series of 1,200 wpc amplifiers. In other news the Legacy Calibre is already one of the best compact speakers in the world, but Legacy Audio aims to take it even further, with more power and DSP built-in.

While speaking with Bill Duddleston (founder of Legacy Audio) he informed me that the The Valor system (not at the show) now has the complete SUT (stereo unfold technology) system. Including a plan to carry that same technology throughout all levels of the Legacy Audio product line-up. Many great things are happening at Legacy Audio to upgrade and evolve all levels of the loudspeaker line-up. Even the Studio HD will come in a self-powered version.

One thing about Legacy Audio that many people may not realize is that when they develop a new technology or advance a design philosophy, that feature is implemented and available at all levels of the product line. Nothing has to trickle down, or be only for the most esoteric product available. Legacy chooses to develop technology for the brand entirely, not just a select model line.

The Sound

Legacy speakers really sing with ample power, and Legacy’s line of Powerbloc amplifiers provide that by the barrel full. Speed and openness on the top end was the name of the game. Less the smoothed over mid-range and top-end that I’ve heard with Legacy on tube electronics, now the overall sound all seemed to be more in balance with the detail found in the low-end frequencies.

Big live sound productions, seemed exactly that — live. With power and the ability to use it, the all Legacy systems filled the large exhibit space better than ever. Having only once heard these large Legacy speakers in a smaller room, while down at the Florida Audio Expo back in February, the chameleon like ability for them to play any size venue astounds me.


The Systems

Legacy System #1

– V System Loudspeakers (Cabernet / Black Pearl) – $50,000 pr USD
includes Wavelet DAC/ Preamp/Crossover/Correction Unit
– Powerbloc4 Power Amplifier – $2,950 USD

Legacy System #2

– Aeris Loudspeakers (Natural Sapele Pommele/Black Pearl) – $21,150 pr USD
– Wavelet DAC/ Preamp/Crossover/Correction Unit upgrade avail. – $3,450 USD
– Calibre XD Loudspeakers (Rosewood/Black Pearl) – $7,375 USD
– Powerbloc2 Power Amplifier – $1,800 USD

Legacy System #3

– Focus SE Loudspeakers (Rosewood) – $11,725 pr USD
– Wavelet DAC/ Preamp/Crossover/Correction Unit – $4,950 USD
– Powerbloc2 Power Amplifier – $1,800 USD

Legacy System #4

– Signature SE (Walnut) – $7,795 pr USD
– Studio HD (Natural Sapele Pommele) – $1,995 pr USD
– Wavelet DAC/ Preamp/Crossover/Correction Unit – $4,950 USD
– Powerbloc2 Power Amplifier – $1,800 USD

All cabling by Douglas Connection

AXPONA 2019 Show Coverage brought to you by the LSA Group

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  1. Considering the astronomical prices of most of the rigs shown at AXPONA, I find it quite refreshing and encouraging that there is a path to this level of sound for $15-30k!

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