Dream Team to the Rescue | High End 2019

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And we are back. Back in Munich for the annual pilgrimage, the Mecca of High End. The one to rule them all show opens doors tomorrow and we, the dream team of show reportage will be there en masse.

Lee Scoggins is on his way from Atlanta, Georgia and will be taking care of some big guns (Audio Research, Wilson, Egglestone Works, Sonus Faber, Krell) while trying to capture what is new and exciting on the MQA front.

Marc Philips, our editor for the Occasional magazine will make his first appearance on European soil and I trust he will have quite a different experience with European horns and a bit of Japanese exotica while Scot Hull, our publisher and founder of PTA will take care of the arduous job that is shaking hands with a gazillion manufacturers, PR guys and press colleagues while pretending to cover some exhibits as well. Just don’t hold your breath for that last part.

As for me, I have been busy, as in buried under a ton of to does busy in the last months, still who could possibly miss the opportunity of hanging out with such a great team, not to mention listen to the latest creations from Borresen, Estelon, Lampizator along with some never seen before in Europe designs by DeVore and Fern & Roby.

Drooling mucho? Stay tuned for more, coverage begins tomorrow!

High-End 2019 show coverage brought to you by The LSA Group

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