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When I walked into Jeff Joseph’s room at High End 2019 in Munich, I thought of one thing–Orange Creme. Coca-Cola has just come out with an Orange Vanilla flavor and is pushing it hard here in the states, and I still remember the orange 50/50 ice cream bars being a wonderful thing when I was a kid. Jeff had chosen to exhibit his new Joseph Audio (website) Perspective 2 loudspeakers ($14,999/pair) with amplification and digital sources from an intriguing Danish company called Alluxity, the new brand from Alexander Vitus Mogensen, the son of Hans-Ole Vitus of Vitus Audio. All of the Alluxity pieces were anodized in a luxurious orange, which were a stunning contrast to the white Perspective 2s. Everything looked delicious.

I’ve long believed that the Joseph Audio Perspectives are one of the most sane buying decisions you could make in audio. They’re relatively petite, relatively affordable, and the sound, in my opinion, is almost without fault. The Perspective 2s look very similar to the original model with one notable exception–the new SEAS graphene cones on the woofers. As Jeff was quick to point out, the use of graphene on the magnesium cones required a revamping of the design of the entire driver by SEAS, which led to a “re-engineering” of all of Jeff’s filters as well as the crossovers. The result, as Jeff explained, is a Perspective that is more resolving than its predecessor, yet more laid-back and relaxed. These traits were clearly heard in his High End 2019 room.

Jeff explained that this new sonic character allowed him to use recordings at High End 2019 that he had previously deemed a little to harsh for a show demo. He was also able to set the Perspective 2s further apart than usual without creating a center-fill issue. The Perspective 2s, like most Joseph Audio speakers, sounded huge despite their modest footprint, with plenty of low-bass energy gripping the large room. At times the realism of the system was breathtaking, with several moments of pure sound and music reminding me of systems far larger and far more expensive.

Jeff was spending equal time at High End 2019 between streaming and using a Technics reel-to-reel with the amazing Doshi Audio V 3.0 tape stage ($15,000), all with Purist Audio Design cabling from Jim Aud. (A couple of my favorite rooms at High End 2019 used Jim’s cables.)  Just when you thought digital streaming couldn’t sound any better, Jeff would switch to the analog side and reveal a whole new level of sonic splendor. Since I loved the original Perspectives so much, I can’t describe the improvements in a more specific way without an A/B comparison. But the Joseph Audio Perspective 2s are such a compelling and intelligent choice at this price point, I would find it difficult to pick anything else.

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