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Small booth down on the ground floor but with some interesting news coming from a couple of friends. First I had the chance to see a hardcore analog guy, as hardcore as it gets, Richard Mak.

Rick is the driving force that made the hands-down best cartridge set-up tool available, that is Analogmagik for those who missed the memo. I have been using it for my set up and it offers a level of precision that is unheard off, even for bread and vinyl guys like me.

The news here is that Rick is close to launch a new version which will add even more set up options and of course it will come with a new double test LP. Price should remain similar, which is in the $750 ballpark, depending from where you are reading this report.

On the other side of this same booth, Chris Sommovigo of Black Cat cables was selling record totes and while those were extremely cool and still on sale over his site we discussed cables. Chris moved back from Japan to the States only recently and he is now ready to pump up production along with some fancy new designs that should start shipping right after this summer.

The line I am mostly interested in is the one that will bridge the gap between my favorite interconnect, the Indigo, and the Matrix line. Expect it to be pricey but not as prohibitive as that divine cable the Indigo is. After that some ultra expensive cables will happen but those won’t be for the faint-hearted ….

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  1. Agreed – we’ve been using the Analog Magik software (along with the Acoustical Systems protractor (UNI/DIN geometry) and have been very impressed with the results. It’s a rather time-consuming procedure, but the results justify the effort.
    Galen Carol
    Galen Carol Audio

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