Sonner Audio, Norma Audio, Northstar Design, Nordost, AudioThesis | Lone Star Audio Fest 2019


DALLAS (PTA) — Gunawan ‘Gunny’ Surya, in partnership with Derek Skipworth’s AudioThesis, assembled one of the most impressive showings at Lone Star Audio Fest, using Sonner Audio speakers and Norma Audio electronics.


The Story

Having heard Sonner Audio’s Legato Unum ($4,750 USD) stand-mount speakers at Capital Audiofest last year, I was quite impressed by what the brand had to offer. Having now at Lone Star Audio Fest heard the similar looking Sonner Audio Allegro Unum ($9,990 USD) stand-mount speakers, I am more than impressed — I’m blown away. Speakers of the same brand and lineage usually suffer from diminishing returns as you up the ante, but at double the price of the Legato Unum, the Allegro Unum delivers double the sound. Possibly earning a spot in the conversation of high-end monitors that include names like Joseph Audio.

The Allegro Unum is a two-way stand mounted; ported box design loudspeaker. Drivers start with a state-of-the-art 1-inch ring dome diaphragm tweeter, a 6-inch custom magnesium cone woofer, and Sonner’s high quality Symmetrical Panoramic Design crossover network. The cabinet is a one-piece molded curve design with an aluminum front baffle. Crossover frequency between the two drivers is at 2Khz, with frequency range stated from 43Hz to 23Khz. Impedance is an amplifier friendly 8-Ohms, with a minimum impedance of 5.5-Ohms. Power handling is outrageously flexible, as it is stated to work well from 3W to 250W.


The Sound

The Allegro Unum should be the speaker that puts the Sonner Audio name into the conversation when talking about the most refined and balanced sounding monitors available for under $10K. The Allegro Unum digs deep enough in the bass region to satisfy me, and I would hope just about anyone. Those seeking more bass, might just consider the amplifier used with them. Where the Allegro Unum’s shine, is how balanced and detailed they are. Nothing is left out of the sonic picture, or left smeared in the sound-stage. The top end is not fatiguing and the presentation completely smooth and comfortable for those sometimes long and loud listening sessions.


The System

Sonner Audio

– Allegro Unum

Northstar Design

– Blue Diamond CD Player / DAC

Norma Audio

– IPA 140B Integrated Amplifier

Cables by Nordost

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