High Fidelity Cables, Magnetic Innovations | Lone Star Audio Fest 2019


DALLAS (PTA) — When you sit in front of your stereo system, do you think about the number of magnets working inside of it?


The Story

Magnetism controls the musical wave, from microphones to loudspeakers, and everywhere in between. Ordinary cables by themselves can only rely on high quality conductive materials and passive shielding to combat signal interference and contained signal focus. During this typical type of transmission the electrical signal is at its most vulnerable.


Enter High Fidelity Cables and Magnetic Innovations to create a simple and effective way to focus, contain, and protect the musical signal. Their magnetic conduction devices function like a border wall running along the length of the cable. Starting at the pin of each connector, there are 52 magnetic components in play to keep the signal efficiently focus and streamlined.

From source interconnects to speaker and power cables, the full line features magnetic conduction devices built into the cable, each designed around the specific level of signal they carry. Furthermore High Fidelity Cables brings more magnets to the game with a wide array of power conditioners and nano-fluid tweaks.

The Sound

The system we had in place at Lone Star Audio Fest was simple, but had some of the best all-around sound at the show. Most impressive was the bass of this system. The bass was prodigious, and of a high quality that was detailed and quick in response to changes in the music. Overall, everything sounded balanced and in focus. Almost to the level of point sources.


The System

Gato Audio

– FM-6 Floor-Standing Loudspeakers

Resonessence Labs


KR Audio Electronics

– VA900 Integrated Amplifier

ModWright Instruments

– PS 9.0 Tube Power Supply

– Sony (Modified) Tube SACD Player

All cabling by High Fidelity Cables