Uilleam Audio | Lone Star Audio Fest 2019


DALLAS (PTA) — Mike Lundy of Uilleam Audio is essentially a woodworking maven, who has mastered wood finishing and speaker cabinet building. Mr. Lundy builds proven open-source speaker designs to create not only a stunning looking pair of loudspeakers, but some of the best sounding speakers that real-world budgets can buy.


The Story

Uilleam Audio does not design speakers. What they do is build cabinets and crossover networks to the loudspeaker designer’s specifications, fulfill the client’s desired finishing choices, install the crossover networks and drivers, and burn the speakers in. They have built many different designs from GR-Research with finishes including textured DuraTex, high-quality paints, and hardwood veneers such as: Cherry, Ash, Walnut, Mozambique, South American Rosewood (Pau Fero), French Burl, and Ambrosia Maple with Crushed Turquoise Inlay. Topcoats have included polyurethane, varnish, lacquer, and French Polish.

The main system brought to Lone Star Audio Fest by Mr. Lundy was like a scaled down version of the system I previously wrote about (HERE) featured by GR Research’s Danny Richie. Using open baffle loudspeakers, and servo controlled open-baffle subwoofers, along with PS Audio amplification, I experienced much of what the larger Danny Richie room had to offer, but in a more small-room-friendly package.

Also on display were two pairs of monitors, of which only the larger pair did I get a chance to hear. Based on an award winning Danny Richie design, the monitors were never more gorgeous in their exotic wood finish, and lustrous clear finishing.


The Sound

Uilleam’s two-piece open-baffle system of MTM’s and sub-woofers really welded me to my seat. Large scale performance and dynamics that stir up my emotions and succeeded at making me question everything I know. As we took a detailed tour of this highly resolving system, we poured over the parts that make it special but never strayed away from the fact that it makes beautiful music.