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This is the kind of rooms that make people visit the Munich show. This is also the kind of room that make some of our readers scream at us, at the industry as a general. The expensive, the huge, the fab sounding ones that only a few can afford.

YG partnered with Nagra and they decided to go all in by renting one of the very spacious corner rooms on the upper floors of the show, the ones you can throw a party in, which they actually did, with exquisite French wines, just to make sure that no-one would pass on their effort.

I opted for listening to their system on a couple of occasions and without a glass of wine in my hand, this was on my to do list from the start. YG Acoustics brought the 4 towers, 8 drivers per channel Sonja XV Junior speaker system along with the gigantic InVincible 21.2 dual 21″ subwoofer, just to make sure they can move the foundations of the building. Nagra, in order to complement such a proposition brought the complete top of the line, cost no object HD series of electronics including the 2 chassis HD pre-amplifier and 2 chassis HD DAC X with 4 HD power amps, 2 per channel. The YG subs were self powered with 6.000Watts so the Nagra monos were taking care only of the four speakers. On the analog front end there was a classic SME 30/12 turntable with the 12″ version of SME’s V tonearm fitted with an EMT cartridge. The system was wired with Analysis Plus cables throughout, Modulum provided the racks. I find superfluous going into details regarding the retail price of these components, let’s just say that if you have to ask…

Sound-wise this was a very interesting blend of finesse and brute force. Nagra is more about flow and musicality, YG is about detail retrieval and abyssal bass, speed and clarity. The two work quite well together although I could sense the need for better speaker placement and blending with the subwoofer. Imaging was good, especially considering the size of the system and the fact that we were under show conditions, soundstage was wide and tall, maybe not so deep but again, this is a show room with all the limitations imaginable. On a properly designed listening room this should be a blast. With finesse. And a glass of French wine in your hand.

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