Must See Rooms, Day One | T.H.E. SHOW 2019

EFS Los Angeles The Show 2019

LOS ANGELES (PTA) — This year’s T.H.E. SHOW 2019 is bigger, better, and already on track to be the most newsworthy yet. There are over 1,000,000 brands exhibiting here in Long Beach — okay, okay — maybe not a million brands exactly, but 200 brands is definitely twice as many over last year. Which makes T.H.E. SHOW 2019’s event feel every bit like the premier audio show of America’s west coast. Lots of exciting manufacturer debuts are taking place at this year’s show, and we at Part-Time Audiophile are committed to bringing you the most extensive coverage of what’s NEW and out-of-this-world in our little Hi-Fi universe.

Let us then carry on with the Must See Rooms for Day One of T.H.E. SHOW 2019

TriangleArt, Muraudio | Room Atlantic 2 (Floor 2)

One of the better synergies I’ve come across years is at it again, and this time in a room that really lets the Muraudio SP1 loudspeakers breathe. Sadly, breathe just long enough for TriangleArt’s ULTIMATE LE 2 turntable to take your breath away.

Muraudio TriangleArt The Show 2019

Ayon Audio, Lumenwhite, BBS Audio Racks, USA Tube Audio | Room Pacific 1 (Floor 2)

The folks at USA Tube Audio always put on a great show, and with a fun selection of music a party atmosphere. This year is different as they take the stage in a much larger room, definitely a must see (and hear). New for this year are three centerpiece electronic components.

Ayon Lumenwhite The Show 2019

MBL North America | Room #619

What can I say about MBL audio components that hasn’t already been said? Omnidirectional, German, stunning to look at, more stunning to listen to. Do make your way up to MBL on your first day and set the bar respectively high.

MBL The Show 2019

PranaFidelity | Room #438

Steven Norber’s electronics and speakers offer some of the best sound I’ve encountered in the audio show circuit. PranaFidelity is one man design house, His loudspeakers and electronics deliver more of the full-range hi-fi experience you can find for pound for pound, dollar for dollar. For all you ANALOG TAPE fans, do make your way to this room.

PranaFidelity The Show 2019

Scott Walker Audio, Gryphon Audio Design, Magico, On A Higher Note | Room Coral (Floor 3)

Scott Walker Audio has a slew of rooms at this years show, and all are worthy of being on this list. But if I were to start with one room from Scott Walker Audio, it would be this one.

Scott Walker Gryphon The Show 2019

PBN Audio | Room #303

Peter B. Noerbaek and his company PBN Audio is a high-performance audio technology company based in San Diego, California. If you are looking for rare turntables, the PBN-DN308 is one to behold. Based on the Denon 308 professional turntable, of which only 1,650 were made. Absolutely stunning what Mr. Noerbaek has done to breathe new life into this undoubtedly museum quality piece of hi-fi history.

PBN The Show 2019