Muraudio, TriangleArt | T.H.E. Show 2019

I’ve wanted to listen to a Muraudio and TriangleArt exhibit room for some time now–it seems like these two manufacturers have been pairing up at the last few high-end audio shows and I never get a chance to sit down and listen to those strange, elevated panel speakers with Tom Vu’s amazing analog rigs since someone else from Part-Time Audiophile always covers the room, dammit. As I mention in my Katli Audio report for T.H.E. Show 2019, Tom and I go back a few years, and TriangleArt is located in my old hometown of Anaheim, so we always have something to talk about when we meet at shows.

The Muraudio SP1 electrostatic loudspeakers ($14,700/pair) are indeed unique–you rarely see panel speakers elevated this high off the floor. That tall stand gives the impression that the SP-1 has a fairly small panel, and that usually means limited low-frequency extension. That ain’t the case here–the Muraudio and TriangleArt system energized the room and sounded very realistic from top to bottom.

The rest of the system was pure TriangleArt. Tom Vu brought several of his beautiful and shiny turntables with him–everything from the gigantic Ultimate LE2 to the new entry-level Hathor. Most of the tunes were played on the middle-of-the-line Maestro ($7500), fitted with TriangleArt Osiris mk. II tonearm ($6890) and Apollo cartridge ($8000). Tom’s electronics included the Reference Tube Phono Stage ($12,998) and the Reference Preamp ($18,998) and TA-260S power amplifier ($19,998), which has 250 watts per channel. Even the cabling was TriangleArt.

This was a rich, beautiful analog system that focused on the balance between TriangleArt’s highly musical analog rigs and tube amplification and the fast, detailed from the sound of the Muraudio SP-1s. I’m sure that explains why Muraudio and TriangleArt are such a perfect match for high-end audio shows–I get a sense of having it all, the warmth and the detail I crave in particular. This room was even selling LPs and CDs from Asia–if you’ve read my Rhymoi Music article already, you know how I feel about exploring these audiophile releases. From now on, I’ll be sure to visit this room, chat with Tom and perhaps buy some music. I couldn’t ask for more.

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