LKV Research, Sonner Audio, Butcher Block Acoustics | T.H.E. SHOW 2019

LKV Research THE SHOW 2019

LOS ANGELES (PTA) — LKV Research announces a new power amplifier, Sonner Audio rides high on their superb bookshelf monitors, and Butcher Block Acoustics holds everything up in style.

LKV Research THE SHOW 2019

The Story

LKV Research of North Conway, New Hampshire knows how to deliver great sound at a great value. So when I heard they were showing a new dual-mono stereo amplifier, I had to make my way by their exhibit room at THE SHOW 2019.

Enter the LKV Research VEROS PWR stereo power amplifier, which can dish out up to 600-Watts into 4-Ohms. The heart of this amplifier is the NCore 500 Class-D output stage, each being that this is a dual-mono design, is precision built with 32 matched JFETs and 60 metal-film resistor per input channel. Using LKV’s optimized PZF circuit for the input stage, combined with a linear power supply, the PWR receives all the benefits of an extremely quite short signal path design found in LKV’s phono stages. With this, the PWR was designed for both RCA and XLR input.

LKV Research THE SHOW 2019

Elsewhere in the system, and upstream, were LKV Researches LINE ONE line level preamplifier and VEROS ONE mm/mc phono preamplifier. Both operate in Class-A, are fully differential, and zero feedback designs. Both feature low-noise JFETs and cascode gain circuitry. Both feature single-ended and balanced connections around back.

The Sonner Audio Legato Unum stand-mount monitors were designed to be driven by both low-powered tube amplifiers as well as more enthusiastic solid-state designs. Known for their delicate presentation of detail, and large soundstage, I was more prepared for the Legato Unums to give me an encore performance of everything I had heard them sing in previous showings. However this would be the first time I’d hear this small two-way monitor with a 1-Inch silk-dome tweeter and 5.5-Inch paper-cone mid-woofer seemingly reach down below it’s rated 43Hz low-end frequency response, and try to slap me across the face with sound.

The Sound

I’ve had my fair share of listening sessions with the Legato Unum monitors. They are relatively easy to drive, but do shine when dosed with ample power. Using the new NCore power from LKV Researches new Veros PWR dual-mono amplifier yielded an unexpected new level of authority to the music. We leaned on the volume knob little by little, never expecting the small by comparison Legato Unums to keep up with the power the LKV Veros PWR had on tap. The end result was a lot of slam and dynamics. Bass on the Legato Unums never ceded control, and the top-end never flinched. The little monitor that previously showed so much class at every turn, now knew how to throw down and party as well. Good show!

The System

LKV Research

– LINE ONE Preamplifier – $3,500 USD

– VEROS ONE MC/MM Phono Preamplifier – $6,500 USD

– VEROS PWR Power Amplifier –  $8,500 USD

Sonner Audio

– Legato Unum Standmount Monitor Loudspeaker – $4,750 pr USD

– Speaker Stands – $750 pr USD


– P8 Turntable – starting at $3,095 USD

Rack, Turntable Platforms, and Amp Stands by Butcher Block Acoustics