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Nola Concert Grand Reference Gold 2 (1)

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DENVER (PTA) — Nola To Feature the World Premiere of Its Concert Grand Reference Gold 2 Loudspeaker at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019.

It was at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in 2018 where and when I first heard Nola’s smaller Metro Grand Reference Gold 2 loudspeakers. In that moment, I had what felt like a genuine live experience with recorded music. The smaller Metro Grands’ were stunningly open, and were featured in my Best-In-Show wrap-up article. The experience I had isn’t rare as the “Nola sound” is often compared to that of a live music. Even in my experience with their much smaller Brio Trio/Quatro (2.1/2.2) system the live character remains the same.

I’m expecting the NEW Concert Grand Reference Gold 2 loudspeakers to take many of the things we love about Nola speakers to a showstopping level.

Nola Concert Grand Reference Gold 2

Press release enclosed below.

HOLBROOK, New York — At Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) 2019 Nola Speakers will be featuring the world premiere of its Concert Grand Reference Gold 2 loudspeaker system, an ultra-high-end $250,000 open baffle line source array design created to deliver remarkable musical realism.

The Nola Concert Grand Reference Gold 2 will be demonstrated at RMAF September 6 – 8, 2019 at the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center, Aurora, CO, Room 4125. It will be complemented by other world-class components including a Valve Amplification Company (VAC) preamplifier, power amp and D/A converter, Audio Research CD transport and Nordost Odin 2 cables.

The Concert Grand Reference Gold 2 is part of Nola’s Gold Collection series of ultimate-performance floor-standing loudspeakers. It is designed to deliver extraordinary musical accuracy in every sonic respect, with a natural tonal balance for voices and instruments, exceptional resolution, wide dynamic range and precise imaging on an expansive soundstage.

The loudspeaker employs a unique 12-inch-long true ribbon tweeter, which has been upgraded to deliver even lower distortion and greater clarity. High-frequency dispersion above 10 kHz is provided by the addition of a 2-inch true ribbon tweeter that extends the response of the speaker to 100 kHz.

The newly-designed 4-1/2-inch mid-range drivers are housed in a line source open dipole array, a classic Nola configuration that eliminates “box” enclosure colorations and contributes to the speaker’s open, spacious soundstage. The four mid-range drivers utilize large Alnico ring magnets and solid copper, gold-plated phase plugs for superior resolution, dynamics and clarity.

The speaker’s four 4-1/2-inch magnesium-cone bass drivers have an ultralight 7 grams of moving mass each — only one quarter of the mass of typical woofers — to deliver exceptional articulation and transient response in the 40 Hz to 400 Hz range. These exotic woofers also feature large Alnico ring magnets and solid copper, gold-plated phase plugs.

The loudspeakers’ 12-inch sub-woofers are each housed in a separate chamber and deliver deep, authoritative bass down to 18 Hz. They combine powerful low-frequency performance with speed and definition far surpassing that of typical sub-woofers.

The Nola Concert Grand Reference Gold 2 loudspeakers are available in mirror-imaged pairs, a configuration that conveys the spaciousness, depth and imaging of the original performance with extraordinary accuracy, presence and scale. Even the crossover network is refined to the ultimate degree. It employs Nola’s exclusive Unison crossover technology that mounts the components on separate, isolated boards to ensure maximum sonic clarity, and also eliminates the need for bi-wiring or bi-amping. Premium wiring and components are used throughout. Each loudspeaker is mounted on a ball-bearing double isolation base to eliminate unwanted floor-borne resonances.

The Nola Concert Grand Reference Gold 2 loudspeaker is currently available in a True Piano Rosewood finish with a True Piano Black base. True Piano Black and other finishes are available on special order.


Dimensions: 71″ H x 15″ W x 22″ D (overall including bases)
Weight: 275 lbs. net per side
Frequency Response: 18 Hz to 100 kHz
Sensitivity: 91dB @ 2.82 volts
Impedance: 8 ohms/4 ohms minimum
Grilles: left side, right side and rear
Finish: True Piano Rosewood with True Piano Black base, True Piano Black and other finishes available on special order.

About Nola Speakers

In 2004 Carl and Marilyn Marchisotto founded Accent Speaker Technology Ltd. and created the Nola product line with the goal of bringing the experience felt in listening to live music to a wider number of people. President and Chief Engineer Marchisotto has been designing audio equipment since 1973 at Dahlquist, Acarian Systems/Alon and Accent/Nola, which now offers a complete loudspeaker lineup from high-performance bookshelf models to the flagship $450,000/pair Nola Grand Reference VI Gold System, designed and built to deliver ultimate musical performance in every respect. Nola loudspeakers employ a number of key technologies including baffle-less dipole drivers, Alnico magnets, Unison Crossover technology that optimally blends the performance of multiple speaker drivers, and many other refinements.

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  1. Carl is one of the BEST designers to grace our Audiophile desires. A true Gentleman and music lover. One of our favorite people.

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