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DENVER (PTA) — The Music Room started eight years ago, buying and selling pre-owned hi-fi gear on the internet. Since that time, they have become the world’s largest buyer and seller of pre-owned, discontinued, and closeout hi-fi gear on the web.

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Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019 coverage sponsored by Core Power Technologies A/V

The Story

The Music Room operates under buy, sell, and consignment terms. They curate equipment from the regular every-day-audiophile, on up to large dealers and manufacturers. Currently they are partnering with PS Audio on their trade-in program.

When product comes into The Music Room it undergoes a rigorous technical walk-through that is handled by a four-man full-time technician department that assures everything they buy (or consign) is in solid working order before it is put up for sale. Gear is tested, photographed in the on-site photography studio, published on the website, sold with a warranty and return policy.


Customer support is also a part of the process that will guide both buyers and sellers through the process of liquidating or purchasing pre-owned hi-fi gear. Products range from $100 USD Adcom amplifiers, on up to $30,000 USD YG Acoustic speakers. And everything in between.

On display at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019 were multiple systems built from a current inventory of classic high-end pieces both old and new. Meticulously cared for and certified fresh for resale.

In my own opinion, dealers who have customers on the fence about upgrading should look into The Music Room as a way to help new customers liquidate pre-owned gear on their own, or as part of an in-store trade-in program.


The Sound

It’s funny, but I don’t think hi-fi gear ages the way people (or audiophiles, because they’re not exactly people) think. Both the small and large systems on display delivered on all of the hi-fi attributes I look for in a new stereo system.

Albeit many of the manufacturers of these products have moved on to truly greener pastures in both advanced technologies and changing tastes of the times. But alas, the magic is still there. Like an older woman… okay — I’ll stop myself right there.

Talking to both Nick Lucini (Sales Associate) and Rob Baretich (Director of Business Development), I’ve come to the conclusion that pre-owned, pre-loved, and closeout inventory needs to keep my attention when shopping for “new-to-me” gear. Also when the time comes to rid myself of the audiophile clutter (yeah, right) I know where to go.

Sponsored by Core Power Technologies A/V
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019 coverage sponsored by Core Power Technologies A/V

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  1. Just bought a Hegel integrated amp from The Music Room. Fantastic piece of equipment and fantastic service from the team there. Now that I have the Hegel “bug” will have my eye out on their site for when I’m ready to upgrade!

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