Ansuz Acoustics, Børresen Acoustics, Kudos Audio, Aavik Acoustics, Naim Audio, Gated Hi-Fi | RMAF 2019

DENVER (PTA) — Gated Hi-Fi Distribution was showing with a world premier loudspeaker at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest of 2019. Along with a stable of products from Kudos Audio, Naim Audio, Børresen Acoustics, Aavik Acoustics, and Ansuz Acoustics.

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The Story

This is a Gated Hi-Fi two-room showing, right across the hall from each other. Kudos Audio Titan 505 ($12,500 pr USD including stands) stand-mount speakers with Naim Audio’s SuperNait 3 Integrated Amp with Phono Stage ($5,700 USD), and Ansuz Acoustics looming things together nicely.

While across the hall, Børresen Acoustics new stand-mount prototype Z-01 (estimated $12k-$15k pr USD) speakers with Aavik Acoustics U-150 Integrated delivering power, and Ansuz Acoustics cabling throughout.

I don’t know much about the new Børresen Acoustics Z-01, but I do know it shares more than just the looks of the larger B-01 that I just heard before coming up quite a few floors and a one-mile walk to hear. The DNA is there, along with what looks to be all-around similar driver configuration and loading.

The Kudos Audio Titan 505 is an interesting speaker that I am happy to report uses an isobaric loading with a rear facing reflex-port design. The front facing woofer, well — it faces the front, and you can see it. The other woofer, which makes this loading type isobaric, is mounted internally, sharing the same cabinet, and also facing the front (or into the magnet structure of the front facing woofer. Behind the internally mounted front-facing woofer, a second chamber that is tuned and ported to the rear. This type of loading isn’t new or as uncommon as you might think. What it does, is to give the drivers a sense of more cabinet space, and a magnitude order of more output.

Altogether, between Gated Hi-Fi and Next Level Hi-Fi — the three room audio circus was a massive success. Hopefully we’ll see the Z-01’s in production ready form sooner than later, and with a definite street price. It’s always good to be brought in to see a prototype, but even better when that unit is ready-to-rock.

The Sounds

The new Børresen Acoustics Z-01 is an absolute assassin at this price point. With so many ultra-high-end brands debuting bookshelf speakers in this price range almost monthly, none off the top of my head, maybe other than Vimberg, have impressed me more than the new Z-01. The trickle down technology from the B-01 has stuck the landing, and earned a gold from me at RMAF 2019.

The Kudos Audio Titan 505 is new to me, and in the end is just an all-out-impressive loudspeaker. The bass from the Titan befits the name. Performing more like a floor-stander, the isobaric driver loading fools the drivers into thinking the cabinet they share is larger than it is. Yes, you can fool drivers, and me as well, because these things play awesomely deep and authoritatively. Is there a sub-woofer behind that curtain?

Sponsored by Core Power Technologies A/V
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019 coverage sponsored by Core Power Technologies A/V