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Børresen Acoustics, Ansuz Acoustics, Aavik Acoustics, Next Level HiFi | RMAF 2018

Next Level RMAF 2019

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019 coverage sponsored by Core Power Technologies A/V

DENVER (PTA) — Michael Børresen’s loudspeaker designs straddle the line between N.A.S.A. Technical Standards (NTSS) and a miracle. With one foot firmly grounded in the science of over-built loudspeaker design, and the other planted gently in the realm of divinity. Paired with Aavik Acoustics new integrated, and Ansuz Acoustics holding it all together, the story does transcend me to the “Next Level” of Hi-Fi.

The Story

Taking me to “Space-Church” this Sunday morning was Next Level Hi-Fi of Chicago. A dealer with an insiders track (and family connections) to Gated Hi-Fi — Børresen Acoustics’ American distributor. To explain a little further, it’s Tyler Mueller of Next Level Hi-Fi, and Dana Mueller of Gated Hi-Fi who are husband and wife, or as referred to behind their backs as “hi-fi’s favourite power-couple” who are making good sounding waves in the audio show circuit.

Next Level RMAF 2019

As with Gated Hi-Fi’s rooms at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019, the Next Level Hi-Fi room didn’t pass up the chance to show off Aavik Acoustics brand-spanking-new integrated. The all-new Aavik Acoustics U-380 Integrated Amplifier features “dual-everything-technology”, which is something I just came up with.

Next Level RMAF 2019

The Aavik Acoustics U-380 Integrated starts with two-channels of 300-watt Class-D amplifier power. Two individual DACs, one for PCM, and the other for DSD. A total of four clocks, four power supplies, and an individual stereo volume control for each source input. Optional are — you guessed it — dual ultra-low-noise phono stages. Actually, no one could have guessed that, but here we are anyways. Awkward isn’t it?

Next Level RMAF 2019

This is only my second go-round with Børresen Acoustics loudspeakers, but the first time with the B-01 stand-mount model. The model B-01 are ultra-high-end two-way loudspeakers of which at that point specs do nothing to tell you about the speakers one bit. It comes down to build quality, design execution, and voicing. All things that come with experience and throwing money at any-and-all engineering problems. It is of note that the B-01’s are only being sold with the factory produced stands as the speakers are designed around what they do-and-don’t contribute to the performance of the speaker. Also, they look perfect together.

Next Level RMAF 2019

The Sound

It’s a big room and small speaker, but the 01’s play well with power and the new Aavik integrated has power by the ton. “Strain and stress” of the drivers must have been victims of murder-for-hire as they are no where to be found, and no one knows where they are. If ever I’m questioning the need for tower speakers of lesser cost, I now know why. The room is so large and empty. Void of room treatments or friendly architecture, yet the bass is rich and full, images are focused and precise, but along with all the target specifications being met, it’s the sound of glory and godliness that brings me to a new spiritual high, and all done with disco tracks from Birds of Mind.

Next Level RMAF 2019

The System

Børresen Acoustics

– 01 Stand-Mount Loudspeakers (with D-TC Supreme Resonance Control) – $32,500 pr USD

– Monitor Stand – $5,000 pr USD

Aavik Acoustics

– U-380 Integrated Amplifier (w/Dual DACs and Phono Stage) – $39,000 USD

Naim Audio

– CD5XS CD Player (used as Transport) – $3,995 USD

Ansuz Acoustics

– D-TC Supreme Power Box – $14,400 USD

– D-TC Supreme Power Distribution – $38,000 USD

All cabling by Ansuz Acoustics

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019 coverage sponsored by Core Power Technologies A/V