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DENVER (PTA) — Analog Manufaktur Germany in conjunction with Denver, Colorado dealer Soundings Fine Audio Video introduced for the first time in the US, a new “super” version of AMG’s well acclaimed Viella turntable. Along for the wild ride: Clearaudio, Boulder, Vienna Acoustics, REL Acoustics, Nordost, and HRS.

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The Story

The all-new Viella Forte turntable is already gathering up industry awards from many publications while on it’s audio show tour. Forte means strength, and the new Viella Forte is built around that premise. With new heavier and thicker materials, newly developed machining techniques, the Viella Forte increases its definition as a speciality focused playback device.

Many sub-assembly parts of both the Viella and Viella Forte were on-hand for comparison at the show. All designed and machined at the AMG factory in Germany.


About AMG, the factory is a little over an hour north of Munich, bordering the area known as ‘the little Switzerland of Bavaria”, Franconian Switzerland, or Fränkischze Schweiz. This area of Germany is known for its high precision industries, high-technical learning centers, and universities. But also know for it’s schnapps(clear distilled fruit or nut brandies, not to be confused with peach or peppermint schnapps), but more on that later.

The new turntable AMG Viella Forte was being demonstrated with a Clearaudio Jubilee MC cartridge, Boulder electronics, Vienna Acoustics Liszt speakers, REL subwoofers, Nordost cabling throughout, and HRS equipment stands.


Also debuting, two more new products. First, the DS Audio ION-001 Ionizer. Second the new REL Serie S of subwoofers from REL, which represent the middle offering between the entry-level T/i and Reference Series. The new Serie S models feature compact cabinets, down firing radiators, more power, stackability, more connectivity options, refined and upgraded performance all around.

Along with the specs of a REL subwoofer getting better, they are also doing something I never thought possible. The new REL Serie S look better in person than the outgoing models they replace. These things are gorgeous! I’ll take four in my yacht!


The Sound

Generally my rule of thumb with Boulder equipment is to bring along a canteen, because things can at times get a little dry. Especially in Denver. However, I’m happy to report that this isn’t the case. The REL bass is to die for, and integrated so well. Usually I only like open-baffle subs for their integration talents, and Vandersteen for their musicality. The new REL’s delivered on both aspects and yet maintained that traditional subwoofer design and style, however just executed on the most high level.

The source is easy to identify, it’s vinyl all day long, and it sounds magical. Maybe I can’t recall how many times I’ve listened to systems with Boulder electronics, but in those times it could have been all-digital outings. The new AMG turntable presents a smooth and detailed sound that this undoubtedly high-end system gobbles up with joy.


The System

Analog Manufaktur Germany (AMG)

– Viella Forte 12 Turbo Engraved Turntable – $32,000 USD


– Jubilee MC Cartridge – $6,000 USD


– 1110 Preamplifier – $21,000 pr USD

– 1160 Stereo Amplifier – $28,000 USD

– 2108 Phono Preamplifier – $52,000 USD

– 2120 D/A Converter – $65,000 USD

Vienna Acoustics

– Liszt loudspeakers in Rosewood finish – $18,798 pr USD


– QB8 Power Base Line Conditioner – $1,599 USD

Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS)

– VXR equipment stands with M3X platforms

Nordost cabling throughout.

Sponsored by Core Power Technologies A/V
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019 coverage sponsored by Core Power Technologies A/V