The Occasional Podcast S3E3 – Jeff Joseph of Joseph Audio and Abbey Road Super Deluxe Review!

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This week’s episode is a big one. We have a in-depth interview with Joseph Audio’s founder Jeff Joseph, and a full breakdown of the new Beatles Abbey Road Anniversary Super Deluxe 2019 Edition Remix Reissue. And if that’s not enough words in a title for you, there is also a quick recap of the latest news and coming/goings from the audio show circuit. Check out the embed below to hear directly on the page, but you can also subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast platform (which we highly recommend) including iTunes, AndroidGoogle, Deezer, Spotify, and more.

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  1. Important to note that there is a difference between the hi-res on streaming and the hi-res on the BluRay: the streaming version (like the CD version) has about 3db of volume compression added. Makes it sound quite different.
    The BluRay hi-res is clearly superior.

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