Marc’s Capital Audiofest Preview | CAF 2019

I thought a 2019 Capital Audiofest preview from me was necessary, since so many products featured at the show are being reviewed (or have been reviewed) by both Part-Time Audiophile and The Occasional. This is only my second CAF–if you read my coverage from last year you’ll know that I was mightily impressed and plan to make it a regular part of my show circuit as long as it’s held.

Verdant Audio
Capital Audiofest 2019 brought to you in part by Verdant Audio!

First up for my Capital Audiofest preview is the Fern & Roby Ravens, which I just reviewed a couple of weeks ago. Christopher Hildebrand has been busy with his new showroom in Richmond VA and much of the gear that’s featured there will be present at CAF. You probably know that I was so smitten with the Ravens that I gave them an Editor’s Choice award, especially in conjunction with the fabulous Linear Tube Audio Z10 Integrated. The review for the Z10, by the way, will appear on the Part-Time Audiophile website just prior to the show, and LTA gear will be featured in many rooms, as usual, most notably with the Ravens. The Fern & Roby room will be located in Room 323, and it will also feature a few of his incredible racks. I’ll be bringing one home and reviewing it!

The next vital product of my Capital Audiofest preview is the Von Schweikert Audio ESE loudspeakers. I’ve been using these in my home for the last few weeks, and again I’m incredibly impressed with the performance. (ESE is the new, truncated name for the Endeavor Audio SE loudspeakers which look like the classic E-3s, but with technology and drivers from the awesome Ultra line.) I was supposed to keep them a secret, but I “let the cat out of the bag” as VSA’s Leif Swanson called in by splashing pics all over social media. Sorry, Leif!

Tenacious Sound
Capital Audiofest 2019 brought to you in part by Tenacious Sound.

There are many other exciting products I will cover at the 2019 Capital Audiofest from manufacturers such as Acapella, Martin Logan, J. Sikora, Tidal Audio, Vertere Acoustics, The Wand, Soundsmith, McGary, Vinnie Rossi, ModWright Instruments, Skogrand, Parasound and many more of my favorites. See you at the show!