MC Audiotech launches the Forty-10, with Pass Labs, Wolf Audio, VPI Industries, Luminous Audio Technology, PS Audio, Symposium | CAF 2019


WASHINGTON DC (PTA) — Launching the new Forty-10 loudspeaker, MC Audiotech put on quite a show. Along for the ride: Pass Labs, Wolf Audio Systems, VPI Industries, Luminous Audio Technology, PS Audio, Symposium.


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Capital Audiofest 2019 brought to you in part by Verdant Audio!

The Story

MC Audiotech was showing their Forty-10 loudspeakers, which is a two-way design open-baffle loudspeaker, using a line-source bending wave driver array that operates in full-range (unless crossed-over, but more on that later). The upper-frequency array works in tandem with a dipole-dynamic enclosure bass section. The woofers used dipole bass section includes two 18-inch woofers per side — that’s a total four 18-inch woofers — can you feel the magic?

The bending wave array and dipole bass section use proprietary drivers in both, and feature trademark designs. The double-curved upper sections is called a Spaced Array™, and the lower frequency enclosure is dubbed the Folded Cube™. Power requirements for the loudspeaker are not demanding as the rated minimum power needed is only 15-watts. Visually, pictures don’t do the finish options and metalwork on the Forty-10 justice. You must see these in person to fully appreciate the design choices, and workmanship.


Every Forty-10 loudspeaker is supplied with a Low Frequency Controller to perfectly match the bass output of the Folded Cube™ to the Spaced Array™ and… to your listening room. The design principle of this device is to “do no harm”. The controller uses a hybrid crossover with a totally passive circuit for the signal headed to the Array and an active circuit only where required – for the level and contour of the bass signal. Input and Outputs are single ended using high quality Cardas RCA jacks.

Last year at Capital Audiofest 2018 was the first showing of the Forty-10, but with only one spoken caveat — “Hi, we’re MC Audiotech and we’re showing the new Forty-10 dipole loudspeaker, but please don’t order it.”

A year later here at Capital Audiofest 2019 the Forty-10 is production ready, sounds fantastic, is ready to order, and ready to ship. Price for the Forty-10 loudspeakers is $35,000 pr USD which includes the crossover, and delivery anywhere in the continental United States. But wait… there’s more! From now though and/or about the middle of next year delivery includes MC Audiotech’s personal hand in the loudspeaker delivery and set-up.

I can’t leave without drawing attention to one of the most overlooked products in show coverage history — the audio rack. Symposium‘s new Foundation Series racks, here shown as the Foundation Ultra model which features a top “Ultra” level for additional isolation and damping for critical components such as turntables and digital sources.

The Ultra model Foundation Rack also includes an automatic upgrade to exclusive, top-grade Tellurium Copper reversible bottom spikes. Also available in double-width.


The Sound

You’d think four 18-inch woofers would blow you out of the room in the way that an annoying neighbor might prefer while watching “Subwoofer: The Movie” on Blu-ray, but you’d be wrong.

The story for me in the Folded Cube bass section is a tale of nimbleness, speed, and restraint. I don’t like to say things are perfect, but in the context of the array, things are perfectly blended and matched.

The 10-speaker Spaced Array is no slouch either. The bending wave technology is relatively new to me, with only a few other examples I’ve heard. But so far it’s pretty damn impressive.

The implementation of the array into the total package here is what’s captivating. The loudspeaker is beautiful, sounds amazing, and as a complete package delivers no flaws.

Tenacious Sound
Capital Audiofest 2019 brought to you in part by Tenacious Sound.
Verdant Audio
Capital Audiofest 2019 brought to you in part by Verdant Audio!


  1. Ok, but I’ll take one full one instead of 3 very partial. Maybe not enough room, (plenty of light though) but if it’s open baffle it matters. Not in my price range anyway, Pure Audio Project will get my $$, thanks for the reply.

  2. One of my favorite speakers at the show; sounded great and looked great. I like bold aesthetic statements and these speakers certainly make one.

  3. Re: “things are perfectly blended and matched.” Hmmmm. I thought the opposite. I compared notes with three other friends after the show. We all felt these speakers had a few flaws and that the tops didn’t mate well with the bottoms. But it’s always hard to draw valid conclusions after a short audition in a hotel room.

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