Voxativ Acoustic Technologies | New York 2019

Always a favorite of mine, Voxativ was taking a slightly different tack at this show, exhibiting what must be considered as an affordable taste of the high purity, single driver technology championed by them.  Coming in at $8,600 for the entire system, it included the Hagen stand-mounted speaker with a single, rear horn-loaded driver (with whizzer cone tweeter) that is custom made with Japanese Washi paper.  Additional frequency response tailoring is done with DSP onboard the D.a.s. Absolut Box, which also contains an integrated amp (30 wpc) and WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity.

The aforementioned artist, Sarah Bareilles, was streamed via Qobuz and her voice had great presence, as I have come to expect from Voxativ speakers.  The system was also reasonably authoritative considering its bass extension is limited to 50 Hz.  It’s nice to see a high-end player like Voxativ reach out to a wider listening audience.

Steve Marsh