Bache Audio, Alexus Audio | New York 2019

The Russian-born tag team of Alex Chorine (Alexus Audio) and Greg Belman  (Bache Audio) were paired up again to put together a no-nonsense system that they seem to do reliably at every show.  I have always lusted after the Brinkmann Sinus turntable they bring to shows.

Alex supplied the electronics:  Multi Standard Phono Stage ($11,995),  Perfect Line Stage V2.0 ($13,995), 845SE Amp ($24,995).  For digital sources, Greg supplied a Cocktail Audio X50 server connected to a PS Audio Direct Stream DAC.  Greg’s speakers were the Tribeca 001 ($5,200) and Lexington 001 ($3,800) speakers.  A warped LP copy of Johnny Hartman’s “Once in Every Life” (which I own and know well) was playing with the Tribeca speakers and the sound was a bit blurry until the tonearm got past the warp and then everything came into focus and sounded very good.  In the past, I reviewed the Bache Audio 002AB speaker model and know that he selects high-quality drivers and integrates them well in his designs.  Both deserve more coverage by the press than they get.

— Steve Marsh