Polk, Marantz | New York 2019

I don’t recall seeing Polk Audio speakers being demo’ed at a show before, so I felt somehow compelled to give them a listen.  I don’t know anyone in my audiophile circle who owns Polk speakers, so I went into the room with a blank slate.  They were debuting their new Legend L800 speakers ($5,998/pair) with the SDA (Stereo Dimensional Array) technology that is designed to cancel inter-aural crosstalk.  As Polk explains it:  “By acoustically isolating the two stereo channels, each ear hears only the correct stereo channel.“  The rack contained some Marantz components that I was not able to identify.  While I did hear good imaging, I would not describe the sound to be what I would consider a high-end level, but I don’t think Polk speakers have ever been marketed as such.  When the room host announced that there was a special discount on this pair for the show, the audience member in the front middle chair excitedly shouted that he would buy them right now….and he did!

— Steve Marsh

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  1. I go waaay back with Polk, like before some of you were born (early 80’s). Positive experiences that I won’t elaborate on. That name recognition and a discount is a powerful combination.

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