Orinda Acoustics | New York 2019

Sunny Lo, the proprietor of Orinda Acoustics, has been showing at the NY Audio Show for some years now. This year, he brought a speaker model, the 8″ 2-Way N (New), that was nicely sized for the room.

Sunny follows his own muse with system setup (see photo) and always just puts his custom solid-state integrated amps and Tascam CD player on the floor, and his monstrous The Box power conditioner with a Hydra-like profusion of power cords directly behind the system.

While his system setup won’t win any awards for appearance, Sunny certainly wins the audio maverick award. All joking aside, Sunny’s speakers are all high efficiency (min. 93db/watt), horn-loaded, bass reflex designs with compression drivers and solidly built cabinets.  No pricing info was available in this room.

Sunny was playing a CD with what sounded like Japanese taiko drums and the impact was visceral with clean attack.  This was one of the few rooms where you could actually play a CD, so I inserted a Chet Baker CD with one of my favorite cuts, “Anticipated Blues.”  It’s a snappy little number that surprisingly did not fare well.

— Steve Marsh