Sound by Singer with Dr Feickert Analogue, My Sonic Lab, Thomas Schick, Stenheim, CH Precision, Solid Steel, Audience | New York 2019

Andy Singer of Sound By Singer, as a longstanding New York City stereo business, is a loyal exhibitor at this show and often has two rooms with high-quality systems.  Certainly, the lineup of equipment brands in this room was top notch!  The Feickert turntable was outfitted with a Schick tonearm and My Sonic Lab Signature Gold cartridge.  A CH Precision integrated amp was driving Stenheim Alumine Three floor-standing loudspeakers.  Mobile Fidelity LPs lined the wall behind the system and their reissue of the “Bill Wither’s Greatest Hits” was given a spin.  I have the original issue of this album and have always found it to be a great sounding LP.  Personally, I have occasionally been disappointed with some of the MoFi vinyl reissues.  In this case, the sound was tonally balanced with good bass definition, but it lacked some of that dynamic verve that I am used to hearing.

Steve Marsh