2019 Buyer’s Guide and Editor’s Choice


Just in time for the holidays — it’s the 2019 Buyer’s Guide and Editor’s Choice from the Part-Time Audiophile team!

We’ve got an updated list of our favorites from the world of high-end audio. Lots of favorites, lots of surprises, lots and lots of audio gems. And as an added bonus, we’ve added in some of our favorite stocking stuffers, too.


Well? What are you waiting for? Get it now!


  1. I’m surprised the Joseph speakers have been left out of this one.

    You folks have raved about Joseph speakers for years! (And I agree with the raves: I now own a pair of JA Perspectives).

    Any chance you might do a review of the new Joseph Audio Perspective2Graphene speakers?

    • I would personally love to review any of Jeff Joseph’s speakers! Perhaps we’ll make that a New Year’s Resolution. For the record, I recommend any of his designs and I hope to include them in the next Buyers Guide.

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