Under Forty Dinner | CAF 2019

Under Forty CAF 2019

WASHINGTON DC (PTA) — The aim of the ongoing Under Forty Dinner is to welcome those attending audio shows who feel they accurately represent the Under-Forty-Crowd (be that literally or spiritually), and gather them together with other like minded audiophiles and industry people. The idea being that having us together in one place, for one evening, we can let our youth shine, along with the sharing of our generation’s thoughts on the hobby, the industry, and the future of hi-fi.

Tenacious Sound
Capital Audiofest 2019 brought to you in part by Tenacious Sound.

The Story of Youth on Parade

So often it’s one lonely voice of youth in an exhibit room, on a panel, or in a thread discussion online — solely representing an entire generation or two. Organizing around one big table, we can possibly identify what we want this hobby/industry to be going forward for its survival.

The idea began simply with no real forethought or complicated plan. Just an email discussion between Cynthia (The Audio Belle) and myself over the summer of 2019. I mentioned to her how much fun it would be to gather all of the young people at an audio show for an evening of discussion and dinner. She asks me to explain my idea further, and I do with the above two-paragraph intro that opens this article. The inaugural event, held at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019, was a success (no surprise) and you can read about that crazy night HERE.

Our Special Guest

Under Forty CAF 2019
Nan Pincus – Our newest contributor at Part-Time Audiophile

At Capital Audiofest 2019 it was much the same. The restaurant did it’s best to accomodate a group close to thirty people. Which included many familiar faces, along with some new ones. Particularly in the special guest category our newest writer at Part-Time Audiophile, Nan Pincus who comes to us from North Carolina (my home state) and is eager to hit the ground running.

Her background is extensive and includes everything from being the classical music curator for WCPE The Classical Station, to being a ham radio operator, to being a seasoned wood worker. Nan is an interesting character and a lot of fun to be around. Having her upbeat spirit and experience on the Part-Time Audiophile team is a true blessing.

The Late Night Listening Party

Under Forty CAF 2019

The Voice That Is!

After the dinner was over, the Under-Forty group was on its way to visit VPI Industries exhibit room as planned, when a welcome pit-stop came in the form of Doug White and The Voice That Is!. Doug is a Philadelphia based dealer, who holds Premium Dealer status with TIDAL loudspeakers and electronics.

To visit a The Voice That Is! exhibit room is to experience the audio show at its highest heights. Doug is a master of room setup, and is known for having best-of-show sound at every event he attends. This go-round at Capital Audiofest 2019 would be no different. We settle in for a quick presentation of the system and the TIDAL components, giving prime seating to Nan Pincus as she’s the special guest of the evening.

To read more about The Voice That Is! at Capital Audiofest 2019 click HERE.

Under Forty CAF 2019

VPI Industries

From there we move on to our original destination at the VPI Industries room to hear the massive KEF Muons and the new VPI Vanquish turntable which was making its world debut at Capital Audiofest. While in the VPI Industries room, we are treated to refreshments and refueling for the rest of the evening’s activities. A dose or two of the spirits will keep us going.

The sound of the room as you would expect. Big and bombastic, with all of the insight and full-range detail retrieval the Mouns are known for. The new turntable has many interested, but few get close enough to touch it. Mat Wesifield thus takes control as DJ for the evening.

To read more about VPI Industries at Capital Audiofest 2019 click HERE.

Under Forty CAF 2019

Fern & Roby

Tektonics Design is the parent company of Fern & Roby, and it’s not uncommon to meet Tektonics employees at Capital Audiofest. So when Sue Rupert of Tektonics invited our group to the Fern & Roby room, we were all quite excited to entertain the of a Fern & Roby dance party.

Still riding high on our refreshments, we take to the Fern & Roby exhibit and find ultimate comfort in the stylish decor of the exhibit room. Lighting plays a big part of this as the dimly lit room feels much like a bar setting. Soon enough the music is rolling and our dance party quickly turns to lounging about.

To read more about Fern & Roby at Capital Audiofest 2019 click HERE.

Under Forty CAF 2019

Tenacious Sound with Shayne Tenace

I don’t know whose idea it was, but we ended up mostly drunk in the Tenacious Sound room where Shayne Tenace was playing heavy metal and rock tracks through the new Fyne Audio towers. The night grew long, and the size of our party had grown as well, as it included now Sue Rupert of Fern & Roby, along with other show attendees who liked our energy and decided to come along for the ride.

All said, it was a great evening had by all. Many new friendships were forged along with ideas shared about the audiophile hobby, music, and the audio shows themselves. New ideas abound.

To read more about Tenacious Sound at Capital Audiofest 2019 click HERE.

Verdant Audio
Capital Audiofest 2019 brought to you in part by Verdant Audio!

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