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Plus Holiday Headphone Reviews from Rosson and Audeze

TOP Von Schweikert Audio

There is a bit something for everyone in this, the Season 3 Episode 7 of The Occasional Podcast! In this episode of TOP, Von Schweikert Audio takes us on a tour, throwing light onto the makings of high-end loudspeakers that are designed by and for audiophiles and music lovers. Please note: no loudspeakers were harmed during the production of this episode.

As a bonus-round material in this episode, we also have two headphone mini-reviews! We explore the recently released Audeze LCD-1 headphones and also the new the RAD-0 by Rosson Audio Design.

And keep an ear out for a new special entry as part of our series on online behaviors and culture, making this episode the perfect companion to that long ride to your parents’ house for the holidays. You’re welcome.

Special thanks to Co-Host Bryan Beasley, and this week’s guests to TOP, Von Schweikert Audio stars Damon Von Schweikert and Leif Swanson.

Moon Audio brings the toys for holidays

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And while you’re listening, don’t forget to check out The Occasional Magazine 2020 Buyer’s Guide and Part-Time Audiophile Editor’s Choice Awards, which includes products from Audeze, Von Schweikert Audio, and more — this is the stuff that has impressed the ever-loving stuffing out of us. And may have caused some among us to deflate certain bank accounts. Heh heh. Hmm. Yeah.

And did we mention the upcoming review of the VSA Endeavor ESE loudspeakers? Stay tuned to The Occasional Magazine for more news about the next edition!