Bricasti M12 Source Controller Platinum Edition | REVIEW

It’s good to be king, or so they say. For me, that’s precisely the vibe that exudes from the Bricasti M12 Platinum Edition Source Controller. With a name like that, this august device seems more than comfortable mantled in royal attire. It wears well. For the record, I’ve been a fan of Bricasti gear since I first laid ears on the Classic M1 DAC, which I got to review a year or so ago. I really liked it, and I told Scot Hull as much. Long story short, that unit became mine, and since then it has undergone an update to Special Edition status, complete with the internal local area networking (LAN) card option. What used to be “really great” is now awesome. The Bricasti M1 SE is my current reference DAC and will probably remain so for the foreseeable future. A friend of mine, whenever he visits my listening room, likes to say that I live amongst an embarrassment of audio riches. I’d have to agree. My ears have been truly blessed with excellent music and a superb collection of gear. Even if most of the goods must come and then go on a merry-go-round schedule (such is the life … Continue reading Bricasti M12 Source Controller Platinum Edition | REVIEW