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Sonus Faber as an audiophile brand has been around a long time. In this episode of The Occasional Podcast we sit down with CEO and President Jeff Poggi and Brand Manager William Kline to discuss not only what it’s like steering the ship for the Italian loudspeaker manufacturer, but the McIntosh Group at large. Also included in the show are some highlights from CES 2020, even if turnout for demo rooms in the Venetian aren’t what they have been in previous years.

The global Sonus Faber brand recently released an update called the Olympica Nova series, and continues to produce a wide array of loudspeakers that flirt with budgets from vacation substitutes all the way up to their flagship Aida. The interview is an interesting glance into the mindset of the company’s show runner Poggi, and is followed up with some hands on guidance from demo master Kline.

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Season three is slowly making its way to and end in 2020, but don’t forget to check out our best of 2019 highlights, TOP’s guide to Reel-to-Reel playback or our interview with amplifier legend Dan D’Agostino. We also have some big surprise interviews lined up for our end of season wrap up. PartTimeAudiophile and the TOP team will be making their way to the Midwest’s retirement state for the Florida Audio Expo next month so expect to see all the big highlights from that event here on the site. You can also subscribe to the show directly from your phone in the podcast app, that way the show is right there waiting for you as soon as it hits the interwebs.

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