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AudioShield House of Stereo FLAX 2020

TAMPA, FL (PTA) — We start at the end. On my last day of the show, I arrive close to the wrap of the show, but we’re going in for more listening as a show attendee (and customer) has returned to the AudioSheild Distribution / House of Stereo room with checkbook in hand, and the will to close the deal. But first, one more listen.

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AudioShield House of Stereo FLAX 2020

The Story

John McGurk has been on a whirlwind tour over the last year after launching his second company. John McGurk you may know as the driving force behind AudioSheild turntable dust-covers, but now he adds the distribution pin to his hat.

AudioSheild Distribution is a US based distributor for Credo Audio (of Switzerland), EMM Labs / Meitner Audio (of Calgary, Canada), and co-distributor of van den Hul (of the Netherlands).

AudioShield House of Stereo FLAX 2020

Also having quite the year, Joe Parvey launched his second company House of Stereo, a Jacksonville, Florida retail hi-fi dealership. You may know Joe Parvey as Wolf Audio Systems, which he still drives with immense pride.

During my time in the exhibit room, my listening session was limited to the Credo loudspeakers. This was more than a fine enough occurrence for me as I was fully charmed by the Credos. Time was running out as we switched over to the TAD’s and prior engagements were to tear me away from the show for the evening.

AudioShield House of Stereo FLAX 2020

The Sound

It’s a shame my Florida Audio Expo weekend was wrapping up here, as this was one of my favourite sounding exhibit rooms of the show. I would have stayed longer and brought along a few industry friends to gloat about what I had found.

Everything you look for in terms of bandwidth extension and smoothness was expertly delivered by the system. Tonality was rich with life. The presentation in terms of the scale-of-things seemed effortless. I credit that last part to power.

Odd to me, was that at no point — unlike many other rooms at audio shows —  did the room seem congested or overloaded. That my friends is a rare event at audio shows. Of course the manufacturers want to show the big stuff, but in small hotel rooms, it’s usually the stand-mount monitors that often deliver more fitting (and impressive) display. The times I can count where a large speaker played the small room deftly can probably fit on one hand.

The System

EMM Labs

MTRX/2 – Mono-Block Amplifiers – $85,000/pair USD
DV2 – 2 channel D/A converter with Volume – $30,000 USD
PRE – Reference Stereo Pre- Amplifier $25,000 USD
NS1 – Streamer – $4,500 USD

CREDO Audio Switzerland

EV Reference ONE Loudspeakers (Black Silk) – $40,000 USD
EV 900 Reference (Rough Cut) – $12,000 USD
EV 350 Reference (Olive High Gloss) – $11,800 USD

van den Hul

Grail SE Phono Stage – $18,600 USD
Grail SE Phono Stage – $21,500 USD
D-501 Hybrid (1m) – $509 USD
3T The Rock Hybrid (1m) – $596 USD
3T The Cloud Bi-wired Speaker Wire (2.5m) – $3,000 USD

VPI Industries

HW 40 Anniversary Turntable – $ 15,000 USD
Prime Signature Turntable Rosewood – $7,000 USD
Prime Scout Turntable $2,500 USD
Cliffwood Turntable $1,000 USD


AS100 – Basic Style Dust Cover – $99 USD
AS300 – Classic Style Dust Cover – $299 USD
AS400 – Prime Style Dust Cover – $349 USD

Wolf Audio Systems

Alpha 3 SX Audio Server – $9,895 USD


516 Pure Line Amp Stands – $10,000 USD
516 Pure Line 775 Double Width Audio Rack – $20,000 USD

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