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Suncoast Pass Fyne FLAX 2020

TAMPA, FL (PTA) — It’s my second go-round with Fyne Audio, and this time things are different. Along for the ride Pass Labs, Aurender, Aqua HiFi, VPI Industries, My Sonic Lab, Shunyata, Critical Mass Systems.

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Suncoast Pass Fyne FLAX 2020

The Story

My first tango with Fyne Audio loudspeakers was a late night listening session way back in late 2019, overall the experience was just fine and dandy. Admittedly I had too much to drink that night, the music we played was borderline ignorant of taste, artistry, and restraint.

Despite all of those fun yet detracting details of my experience, I still walked away with the impression that Fyne Audio made a good product, and a good speaker. Good — not great — but good. I don’t remember the amplification or the associated sources we used during my first late night listening session, and overall those missing details aren’t important in the sense that I haven’t written anything serious about that night’s listening session until now.

Fast forward to present time in Tampa Florida. It’s daytime, I’m sober, and the equipment before me is not only familiar it is some of my favourite. Firstly I’m thrilled to see my favourite turntable the HW-40 Direct Drive Turntable. Joking around with the Suncoast Audio room host, I remark “Mike Bettinger makes one hell of a turntable.” — he laughs the kind of laugh that let’s me know he’s found the nugget of truth in my humor.

Sitting atop the stage of a Critical Mass Systems racks bathed in shadow, a Pass Labs INT-60. The only solid-state that gets me excited. I don’t know why that is when there are plenty of brawny solid-state products that do music nearly as well, and at a higher cost. I kid. But am I really? Also, why does most of the good solid-state gear look more like hospital equipment and less like Robo-Cop as the Pass Labs does? Pass Labs looks like if you fell on it you’d end up in the hospital (see Ted Denny). For me, that’s an appealing look.

Suncoast Pass Fyne FLAX 2020

Enter the Fyne Audio F-702 loudspeakers, with piano finish lacquer glistening with the highlights of a Suncoast Audio sign. The F-702 is the smallest tower loudspeaker in the 700 Series. The 700 Series sits one click below the signature F1 Series that represents the flagship offering from Fyne Audio.

The F-702 standing 44-inches tall features a 2-½ way design, that utilizes a floor-loading port to increase bass reinforcement and deliver a more even boost to lower frequencies. The driver compliment is a little technical, and it begins with a 200mm (~8-inch) IsoFlare™ point source, multi-fibre mid-bass cone driver with FyneFlute™ surround. In the center of that a 25mm (~1-inch) magnesium dome compression tweeter, neodymium magnet system. Below a second 200mm (~8-inch) multi-fibre mid-bass cone driver with FyneFlute™ surround.

Crossover is bi-wired passive low loss, 2nd order low pass, 1st order high pass, and cryogenically treated. Crossover points are at 250Hz & 1.7kHz, with overall frequency extension rated at 30Hz – 34kHz, with 92dB of sensitivity and presenting a rated 8-Ohm load to the amplifier. Recommended amplifier power is between 30 – 200 watts. Dry weight of each tower is just under 68lbs. Shown here in Piano Gloss Walnut, other finishes are available in Piano Gloss White or Black.

Suncoast Pass Fyne FLAX 2020

The Sound

Guess what? These Fyne Audio speakers are great. Did you expect something else? Of course associated equipment matters, but not every speaker out there responds to upgrades or dances well with associated company. The Fyne F-702 resolves the fine details of music well. Bass, mid-range, and treble are delivered in equal measure with a hint of fun thrown into the tuning at the extremes. Treble is airy and sparkly, but never harsh or ahead of the balance. Bass is still taught and detailed even when diving deeper into the frequency reach. Never boomy.

Overall, the Fyne Audio loudspeakers throughout the FLAX weekend gathered wide-spread consensus at the show for having a generally fun and yet fully enjoyable audiophile sound. There’s no denying them.

Suncoast Pass Fyne FLAX 2020

The System

Fyne Audio

F-702 Loudspeakers in Piano Gloss Walnut – $8,995 pr USD

Pass Labs

INT-60 Integrated Amplifier – $9,000 USD

XP-17 Phonostage – $4,300 USD

VPI Industries

HW-40 40th Anniversary Direct Drive Turntable – $15,000 USD

My Sonic Lab

Ultra Eminent EX Moving Coil Phono Cartridge – $6,995 USD


W20SE Music Server / Streamer – $22,000 USD


LaScala MkII Optologic DAC – $7,700 USD

Power Conditioning and Cables by Shunyata Research

Racks by Critical Mass Systems

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