The Piega Premium Wireless 701, Cardas Audio, Mofi Distribution | FLAX 2020

TAMPA, FL (PTA) — On the hunt for streaming, the boys and I find ourselves sweet-talking Mofi Distribution’s Jonathan Derda for the streaming remote control. Little does he know, we have an urge to stream metal via Piega‘s wireless metal speakers.

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The Story

Qobuz streaming at audio shows is sometimes actually harder to find than you might think. It all revolves around the quality of the hotel wi-fi. Some exhibitors give up on streaming early on Friday if things aren’t exactly show ready. To which I can’t blame them, as nothing about hi-fi is supposed to have hiccups.

It’s Saturday afternoon, the day is getting long, and Jameson Mourafetis wants to hear metal. It is his preferred genre of music, and I need to hear something different than the usual audiophile snooze music. So I take it upon myself, to find us a room with streaming.

Looking at my assignment list I see Mofi and Piega, and then I say to the boys, “Let’s go see Derda.” Upon arriving we see the slender Premium Wireless 701 loudspeakers standing alone at one end of the room.

The Premium Wireless 701 loudspeakers are metal enclosure, completely active, with built in 200-watt amplifiers. Each loudspeaker is connected to wall power, and controlled by a Piega Connect device that wirelessly transmits audio signals to the wireless towers. The Piega Connect has a litany of digital and analog inputs, along with Bluetooth. Output wise it’s three channels of signal transmission sending the audio data to the towers.

The Sound

I’m never surprised by Piega loudspeakers for sounding dynamic and thrilling. But I was surprised that the slender towers using wireless technology could sound as large and engaging. Streaming various high quality metal-core tracks from Qobuz, we found everything we needed in terms of enjoyment and an awe inspiring presentation. The slim Piega 701’s did everything right.

The System


Premium Wireless 701 Loudspeakers w/ Piega Connect – $7,500 USD

All cabling by Cardas Audio

Florida Audio Expo 2020 coverage sponsored by Living Sounds Audio

The Photos