Gershman Acoustics, exaSound, VAC, VPI, Nordost | FLAX 2020

Gershman VAC FLAX 2020

TAMPA, FL (PTA) — Gershman Acoustics along with exaSound, VAC, VPI, and Nordost put on quite the display. Presented by the Hi-Fi industry power couple, Eli and Ofra Gershman, the system shined with spirit as the Grand Studio loudspeakers held court.

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Gershman VAC FLAX 2020

The Story

Do not be fooled into thinking that the Gershman Acoustics Grand Studio II pictured in this system is merely a custom rack that holds two pairs of the Gershman Studio II monitors in a vertical inverse array, as that is not the case. The Grand Studio II is a stereo pair of speakers that use dual-cabinets and a unique crossover, wiring, and driver compliment from the Gershman Studio II.

Gershman VAC FLAX 2020

The Grand Studio II starts with two 8-inch vented motor woofers flanking the upper and lower array of the dual-cab design. Each features an extra thick black electroplated aluminum cone, and multiple layer voice coil for high power handling. In the center two high performance 1-inch coated silk dome tweeters. Each features ferrofluid cooling, a linear response faceplate, braided tinsel leads, double chamber design, and extension past 30 kHz. Crossover for the Grand Studio II is typical Gershman: hand built, point-to-point soldering, using high-quality capacitors, and custom design 99% oxygen-free wiring.

Also on display, the Gershman Acoustics Grand Avant Garde, which in high gloss red paint was truly stunning. It’s a shame I wasn’t in the room when those loudspeakers were hooked into the system, as I had heard from fellow journalists that they were something to behold.

Gershman VAC FLAX 2020

The Sound

The Gershman Grand Studio II loudspeakers play large, but with control for large high-excursion woofers. Give credit to ample magnet motor structures, proper venting, and the VAC amplifiers for handling the bass so deftly. Expecting the vertical image of the speakers to be broader, I was surprised at how much the array played like a fine point source. Offering scale on the low end, but focused imaging along a broad horizon. It’s clear that the Grand Studio II is more than just building on the Gershman Studio monitor, it’s a total re-imagining of what is possible with the components, to create a unique loudspeaker experience.

Gershman VAC FLAX 2020

The System

Gershman Acoustics

Grand Avant Garde Loudspeakers – $14,900 pr USD

Grand Studio II Loudspeakers – $11,900 pr USD

Gershman Studio II Loudspeakers – $3,790 pr USD

exaSound Audio Design

Playpoint DM Dual Mono Streaming DAC / Music Server – $8,500 USD

Delta Music Server (Heavy Duty DSP w/Roon) – $3,000 USD – $3,500 USD

E32 Mk II DAC (DSD 256 DXD 32-Bit) – $2,500 USD

Sigma Streamer – $750 USD

Valve Amplification Company (VAC)

Master Preamplifier – $40,000 USD

Statement 450S Stereo Amplifier – $60,000 USD

VPI Industries

Prime Turntable – $4,250 USD

Cabling by NORDOST

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