PureAudioProject, Pass Labs, VPI Industries, Van den Hul, Luminous Audio Technology | FLAX 2020

PureAudioProject Pass VPI FLAX 2020

TAMPA, FL (PTA) — PureAudioProject and the usual cohorts Pass Labs, VPI Industries, Van den Hul, and Luminous Audio Technology put together a room in Florida that exemplifies all that is fun about the hi-fi hobby.

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PureAudioProject Pass VPI FLAX 2020

The Story

There’s just not many players in hi-fi that can provide a true value and deliver class leading experiences like PureAudioProject. The modular loudspeaker designs from PureAudioProject involve the listener in more ways than just musically. All of the loudspeaker designs are dramatically customizable in terms of choosing high-frequency drivers, along with the size and number of woofers used in your own speaker project.

Speakers are sold as a modular assembly ready kit which requires little in the way of tools, or expertise. It’s a fun assembly process that yields a new level of pride once the job is finished. Speaker drivers and Valchormat® baffle components are mounted to a steel frame (US market) or aluminum frame (international markets) which supports the driver modules of your choosing. The potential for tailoring your PureAudioProject sound and experience is almost without limits, depending on how far you are willing to take it.

PureAudioProject Pass VPI FLAX 2020

New for me to see at audio shows is the Quintet10 (passively displayed during my visit) open-baffle model, which features four Morel 10-inch woofers along a sleek set of baffles, and a center mounted hardwood horn driver that covers all of the mid-range and high-frequencies.

The Quintet15 on active display is familiar and features everything aforementioned design wise, but on a larger scale. Four 15-inch drivers per side, and a center mounted hardwood horn driver covering all of the mid and high frequencies.

PureAudioProject Pass VPI FLAX 2020

The Sound

I’ve spent about as much time as one can with the speakers from PureAudioProject, without actually reviewing them. And as it seems that the associated component brands used in showing the Quinten15 doesn’t change, it’s true that the models chosen indeed do. At the Florida Audio Expo it’s the first time I’ve heard them helmed by the Pass Labs XP-12 and XA-25.

The sonic experience is indeed different as well. The all Class-A design of the preamplifier and power amplifier pays off great yields. The sound is remarkably free of distortions and seems effortless at portraying the shape of the image and depth. I’m constantly reminding myself that this system of speakers and electronics (sans sources) is only going to set me back $20K. Which quickly inspires a little chuckle that I keep to myself. High-end sound isn’t supposed to be this wallet friendly.

The System


Quintet15 Horn1 – starting at $9,990 pr USD

Quintet10 Horn2 – $8,990 pr USD

Pass Labs

XP-12 Preamplifier – $5,800 USD

XA-25 Stereo Power Amplifier – $4, 900 USD

VPI Industries

Prime Turntable – $4,250 USD

Van den Hul

DDT2 MC Phono Cartridge – $1,300 USD

Luminous Audio Technology

Arion Phono Stage – $6,000 USD (priceless)

All cabling by Luminous Audio Technology

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