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VPI Industries introduces VPI Direct and HW-40 Foot Trade | Announcements

VPI Direct

CLIFFWOOD, NJ (PTA) — Just a few minutes after close of business on Wednesday March 18th 2020, Mat Weisfeld (VPI Industries President) hosted a Facebook live stream video to maintain contact with the extended VPI family of customers, who like many of us are still getting used to preemptive self-quarantining. The focus of the live stream was to promote the HW-40 Foot Trade program, along with introducing the convenient new VPI Direct website.

VPI Direct

The Feet

The HW-40 Foot Trade currently works like this, “Turn your legacy product anew with a simple at-home upgrade. By trading your old feet you can breathe new soul into your music with the new HW-40 reference isolation feet. Once you receive your new set of HW-40 Reference Isolation Feet simply put your old feet into the same packaging and send it back to us. Once we receive your old feet, we will send you a $200 Mail-In Rebate!”

VPI Direct

VPI Direct

As for the VPI Direct website, there hasn’t yet been a formal press release sent out to the VPI family, so specific details are still yet to come. From taking a tour of the website I found many VPI Industries products and parts that are available for quick purchase and home delivery. The VPI Direct website is indeed live and ready for business as of the writing of this article. However it may still be undergoing final refinement and tweaking in the coming days and weeks.

From the pull-down menus, categories include:

  • Turntables
  • Tonearms
  • Electronics
  • Demo / Used / B-Stock
  • Cartridges
  • Custom / Designer
  • Cleaning Machine Parts
  • Turntable Accessories
Crystal Isa Rey AXPONA 2019

Crystal Isa Rey playing VPI Bingo at AXPONA 2019

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