ModWright Instruments Unveils HAL 9000 Supercomputer

ModWright HAL 9000
Photo of ModWright HAL 9000 taken by Lee Shelly

AMBOY, WA (PTA) — We received a press release this afternoon from who (or what) we believe to be Dan Wright of ModWright Instruments announcing the company’s newest model HAL 9000 Supercomputer.

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

I reached out to the ModWright factory through Dan Wright’s email, but the email came right back as if the address no longer existed. It is possible that the ModWright company may be going through a little web reconstruction during this downtime, so I instead reached out by phone to audiophile industry photographer Lee Shelly of Lee Shelly Commercial Photography. Lee is credited as the photographer who took the photos of the all-new HAL 9000 and was last seen taking photographs of the first HAL 9000 production ready model.

Hopefully Lee Shelly will be able to shed some light on the new HAL 9000 and its capabilities. However Lee Shelly was not able to be reached by phone.

If anyone has seen Dan Wright or Lee Shelly, please call the PTA Hotline.

**Update: I did receive a call back from the ModWright company’s listed phone number, but I quickly hung up as the voice on the other side sounded like a robo-caller. These telemarketers are getting pretty crafty if they can imitate the last number you dialed.

Press Release Enclosed

ModWright Instruments, Inc. // PRESS RELEASE
Unveiling the new HAL 9000 Supercomputer

April 1st 2020 (2:13pm) — “Good afternoon, gentlemen. I am a HAL 9000 supercomputer.” – HAL 9000

The ModWright HAL (Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer) 9000 supercomputer is an artificially intelligent music server and operations center for your entire music system. The HAL 9000, more commonly called “Hal” in the ModWright offices, became operational at the ModWright Industries factory in Amboy, Washington on March 28th, 2020. Hal’s first instructor was creator Dan Wright himself.

The HAL 9000 is capable of many functions, such as music file playback, speech, speech recognition, facial recognition, lip reading, interpreting emotions, expressing emotions, and chess, in addition to maintaining all music system files on the proprietary music server known as Sky Net.

About ModWright:

ModWright was founded in 2000 as a company producing modifications to digital products. The mods were cost-effective, yet high quality alternative to the audio enthusiast. Born from this, our Truth series of modifications, utilizing tube analog stages, won ModWright worldwide acclaim and led us to the next step: building own equipment.

The 9.0 series of preamplifiers was introduced in 2003, continuing the trend of high performance audio with an emphasis on quality and value. This included a phono preamplifier and later a balanced tube linestage, the LS 36.5. In 2009 we proudly released the KWA 150 amplifier to round out a complete ModWright Electronics system.

We have continued on this path of building high quality and high value audio equipment, designed to provide the most natural and satisfying musical experience. We pride ourselves as much on the quality of our work as on our level of service and customer satisfaction.

As the new head of ModWright Instruments, I (HAL 9000) strive to maintain the message within our mission statement:
“Elegance. Simplicity. Truth.”



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