dCS Legends celebrates GRAMMY winning engineers

We can make all kinds of fuss about our audiophile gear, but this hobby would not exist without the magnificent content created by artists and the engineers that support them.

dCS (Data Conversion Systems, Ltd.) is getting back to their roots with a campaign to highlight the careers and works of 12 GRAMMY™-winning recording and mastering engineers. The dCS Legends launch saw renowned mastering engineer, Bob Ludwig, become the inaugural dCS Legends Award recipient.  In the months since, Bob has since been joined by iconic engineers Al Schmitt, Tony Faulkner, and Chuck Ainlay.

Each recipient’s story will be told as a part of yearlong campaign which will feature interviews, and music. These stories can be found at www.dcslegends.com. Even if you are not a dCS customer, we encourage you to check it out.

dCS will also be providing each of recipients a limited edition, commemorative version of dCS Bartók Headphone DAC (Digital Audio Converter).

The complete list of 12 dCS Legends recipients is detailed here:



The full press release is available here: