Campfire Audio Announces Three New Additions to Their Earphone Range


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Campfire Audio Announces Spring 2020 Product Launch, with New Additions to Their Earphone Range

May 14 th 2020, Shoreham-by-Sea: Campfire Audio, the Portland, Oregon based boutique headphone and earphone specialist, has announced their new releases for spring 2020 – the newly updated Solaris 2020 and Andromeda 2020, and the brand-new Ara 7-driver earphone. As part of the product launch, Campfire Audio has updated two of their most popular earphone models – Solaris and Andromeda.


Campfire Audio Solaris 2020 – £1499 – $1499

The new Solaris will be 20% smaller than the original version, with a new all black finish and a new solid-body internal acoustic chamber design – 3D printed to provide more controlled tuning and even more reliability.

There are also new updates to the included accessories, with a new ‘Super Smokey Litz’ silver plated copper cable fitted with molded ear hooks (no memory wire), and a new sustainably harvested cork zipper case in Brown – hand made in Portugal.


Campfire Audio Andromeda 2020 – £1099 – $1099

The new Andromeda 2020 has been updated with the new solid-body internal acoustic chamber, which has been designed to enhance the sound of the classic Andromeda with more detail retrieval and improved vocal presence. Included with the Andromeda 2020 is the new cork zipper case in Green – hand made in Portugal.

Commenting on the new updates, Caleb Rosenau, Campfire Audio’s VP said: “This is our first significant refresh of Andromeda and Solaris since their original product launch. Both models are appreciable improvements upon their predecessors, and we think people will enjoy the changes we’ve made to them.”


Campfire Audio Ara – £1299 – $1299

A brand-new addition to Campfire Audio’s range has also been announced – the Ara. The new Ara uses titanium shells which house seven balanced armature drivers inside each earphone, with dual high, single mid and quad low drivers arranged inside the new solid-body internal acoustic chamber design.

Campfire Audio’s most ambitious release to date. Commenting on the Ara, Caleb Rosenau added: “Ara is a new design with seven drivers that has a very resolving and appealing sound signature for the audiophile.”


About Campfire Audio

Campfire Audio is a premium personal audio company that designs and assembles products in Portland, Oregon USA. With a deep commitment to acoustic innovation and sonic performance, Campfire Audio produces a comprehensive line of unique designs suitable for a wide range of listening applications. From studio mixing and on-stage performance to the daily office commute, Campfire Audio products deliver an acoustic performance second to none. As Campfire Audio’s development continues, they have refined their original ideas and prototypes  into their current model line-up. Each earphone is the culmination of countless iterations, hours of listening and rigorous performance testing.

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