TOP QNA With Digital Guru Rob Watts

An interview with Rob Watts of Chord Electronics

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It took some time to nail down an interview with Rob Watts, but at a recent audio show it all finally came together. I had seen a few presentations from the amicable Mr. Watts in his role at Chord Electronics. Since joining the team of the UK-based company product launches have started to sizzle, with solid successes starting in digital products and extending down into portable options with the headphone darling Chord Mojo and Poly.

During the interview it becomes quickly apparent that his knowledge of audio runs deep, not only in the digital domain but across all technical proficiencies associated with the hobby. But what is really interesting is his deliberate balance between listening and its impact on design. Rob Watts a fan, and one that is looking to create the best possible sound – at whatever price point he is working with.

Our show this week with Rob Watts continues the march into season 4. Season three was a memorable one, seeing interviews with such audio legends as Jeff Joseph, Bill Dudleston and most recently Nelson Pass. We have some even bigger surprises in store for our listeners coming up, along with some pretty insightful explorations and discovery into digital, analog and the production side of music with how it relates to high fidelity. If you haven’t heard our guide to getting into reel-to-reel playback from last season or our recent deep dive into Mastering, it’s definitely worth a listen.

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