Furutech NCF Clear Line Power Supply Optimizer | REVIEW

See if this takes you back. There’s a device you can buy that you can plug into any AC outlet in a room, and it transforms the sound of your hi-fi system. Sound familiar? There was a time, twenty or thirty years or go, when these types of products—tweaks, as they quickly became known—popped up, made such outrageous claims, and were promptly skewered by the press and skeptics and alleged science guys and anonymous internet doofuses. Said companies would usually fade into the background and disappear (remember the Tice Clock?), and something new would come along in a few months and receive the same rough treatment. The Furutech NCF Clear Line AC Power Supply Optimizer sounds like it would be one of these products. Even the word optimizer suggests it. But it’s not. I’m not the tweakiest audiophile in the world. I’m somewhere on the middle of the spectrum between insisting on effective isolation devices under my components and getting up and changing the VTA for every single record I play. (I. Must. Resist.) I even have a clear plastic storage bin somewhere in the house that’s filled with all the tweaks I’ve tried and rejected over the years. (I … Continue reading Furutech NCF Clear Line Power Supply Optimizer | REVIEW