Zesto Audio Announcing New ESP Supply Upgrade to Three Preamp Models

THOUSAND OAKS, CA (PTA) — Zesto Audio announces a new Energy Source Power Supply upgrade for three upgraded models. The new models with ESP Supply technology are as follows: the Andros II Phonostage which replaces the Andros 1.2, the Leto Ultra II Preamplifier which replaces the Leto Ultra, and the Andros Deluxe II Phonostage replaces the Andros Deluxe. More information enclosed below. Enjoy!

Editors’ Note: Zesto Audio is not only George Counnas, it is also his lovely and talented wife Carolyn Counnas who is equal parts business woman and artist in her own right. Together they represent one of the friendliest power-couples in high-end audio, and people worth celebrating (see photo below).

Press Release Enclosed

Zesto Audio Announcing New ESP Supply Upgrade to Three Preamp Models

Zesto Audio is pleased to announce their new product upgrade, the Energy Source Power Supply, named the ESP Supply available on three of their preamplifiers, the Andros II Phonostage, the Andros Deluxe II Phonostage and the Leto Ultra II Preamplifier.

George Counnas, President and design engineer of Zesto Audio says, “I named it the ESP Supply because it anticipates the energy needs of the music. This new ESP Supply unlocks the true potential of the circuit, so it is at ease and doesn’t have to work as hard. The music is more natural.”

The biggest difference in the ESP Supply is the transformer changes from an “IE” to a Toroid design, this generates significantly less noise because it does a better job of concentrating the magnetic field. George says, “What I really like is how the ESP Supply allows the main circuit to have more music flow through it, with so much more detail. It also creates a livelier dynamic presentation, the quite passages are quieter and louder passages have more punch. The sound quality is an improvement throughout the frequency spectrum, so you have better clarity on the bass, midrange and highs evenly.”

The ESP Supply is designed with bigger, fewer and heftier parts, which delivers more power with improved reliability. The rugged design of the ESP Supply makes it more resilient to power surges.

Technically, the improvements are impressive, such as the high voltage supply increases by 20%, from 250V to 300V to provide more headroom. Dynamic range opens up with increases from 90dBV to 122dBV depending on the model. Both the high and low voltage supplies provide more current, so it’s less restrictive to deliver more music. In the Phonostages, the Noise level is 5dBV quieter, which increases the black levels considerably.

For detailed comparison specifications please check out our website. The ESP Supply upgrades for existing preamps will be sold and coordinated through Zesto Audio authorized dealers. Details for upgrades outside the USA will be available October 15, 2020.

Retail Pricing

  • Andros II Phonostage – $5,200 USD
  • Andros Deluxe II Phonostage – $7,500 USD
  • Leto Ultra II Preamplifier – $10,900 USD

Pricing does not include taxes, shipping, duty or custom charges. The three ESP Supply preamps are in full production and replace their former models.

About the Founder, George Counnas

George Counnas is the founder, president and design engineer for Zesto Audio. He has loved music all his life and went from a musician, to an electronics engineer, to an audio engineer. As a young man in England, in his first shop class project he built a tonearm. Later in college he designed vacuum tube circuits and his first amplifier. He worked for DECCA Navigator (now Raytheon), at the time Britain’s largest electronics company, as part of the research and development team designing airborne navigational systems for the Royal Air Force. George brings to Zesto Audio the unique set of talents of not only designing, creating and manufacturing the highest build quality of high-end electronic equipment, but also as an audio engineer, he knows how great music should sound.

About Zesto Audio

Zesto Audio was established in 2010 in Thousand Oaks, California. Zesto Audio is a manufacturer of fine analog audio electronics, specializing in vacuum tube technology. Their award winning products include the Andros II Phonostage, the Andros Deluxe II Phonostage and Tèssera Phonostage, the Andros Allasso Step Up Transformer, the Leto Ultra II Line Amp, the Bia 120 Stereo Power Amp, and the Eros 300 Monoblocks.

All Zesto Audio products are “Made in the USA” — www.zestoaudio.com

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