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Part-Time Audiophile now featuring Contributor Columns

Just when you thought we would never shut up. It gets worse.

PART-TIME AUDIOPHILE INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS — We are proud to announce, the greatest addition to our Part-Time Audiophile website toolbar in over a decade—we bring to you, the Contributor Columns!

It has been discussed amongst our staff of writers and decided that now-better-than-never is the perfect time to update our website’s navigation toolbar, thus making our editorial content that much easier to find. The new COLUMNS tab and included drop-down menu contains linkage to all of our favorite Part-Time Audiophile editorial columns from the past, present, and future.

With our existing brain-trust of audiophile experts, hi-fi industry veterans, technical gurus, journalists, explorers, gourmets, thought leaders, and historians on the writing team, we felt it was time to set our rich column archives free from the search bar and entrust them to the navigation toolbar for quick access.

The Contributor Columns

For all of our long-time Part-Time Audiophile column readers, please know this: we appreciate your investment of time (and ad-clicking) towards our success, and for your patronage we bring forth some of our most revered content for a second (or third) helping. Returning to the stage are columns like Scot Hull‘s Publishers Desk, along with lifestyle columns like Nina Sventitsky‘s Reluctant Sommelier, Brian Hunter‘s Spirited Away, Marc PhillipsSmoking Jacket, and Lee Shelly‘s Selective Focus. Do check in on these sections occasionally for both new and existing content.

Our most frequent column, Marc PhillipsThe Vinyl Anachronist, is further primed for extensive deep-cut vinyl spelunking; while the more eerie and mysterious column entries from our most elusive contributor Modest I. Predlozheniye—over in the Far Corners—have become even stranger. Yiighk!

In our Audiophile Journal section you’ll find a drop-all-point for content like: road-trips, road-shows, factory tours, dealer visits, expensive dinners, late night travels, and random-audiophile-shower-thoughts. In this area you’ll find travel and adventure pieces like Mohammed Samji‘s visit to Audio Element in Pasadena, CA where he first listened to Wilson Audio’s Sasha DAW (article here), or Eric Franklin Shook‘s visit to Gravity Records in Wilmington, NC where he hosted Part-Time Audiophile‘s first ever Audiophile Road Show, a hi-fi even for the vinyl-loving general public (article here). Or that time when Richard Mak ate soft-cheeses with a Canadian Harp Goddess (article here).

Even our now emeritus’d Rafe Arnott can be found among the archives, where he was once (or twice) nearly driving off of an 80-ft cliff while riding in a Uber-van (article here). Along with these fun finds, guest contributors will make appearances. From friends like Marc Boyle (of VPI Industries fame) who captured the essence of Chicago dining and questionably-legal-high-speed-thrills while on the way to RMAF (article here), or friends like John DeVore of Devore Fidelity who looked down at his wrist for the time, and was inspired to dig deeper into the deepest of eternal questions—what is time? (article here)

Oceans Eleven—photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Who are we?

Well, I’m Eric Franklin Shook and the overall point of the contributor columns is this; we’re more than just a group of tired old audio reviewers—heck we’re not even a bit tired and nowhere near old. We are a rag-tag-bunch of real-life-audiophile-misfits, with a collective penchant for good sound, adventure, and a story to tell. We’ll still bring our A-game in providing gear reviews, show coverage, industry news, and humor. But we promise to also do our best in guiding you closer to: the music, the people, the places, and the true spirit of the audiophile community. It’s these things which make writing about this hobby a worthwhile avocation.

Did you know we even have our own audio-show walk-up theme music? (click here to listen)

Improved? Yes.

New? Also Yes.

Just look at this smug bastard. It’s okay, he’s our smug bastard and yours too.—photo by Managing Editor, Eric Franklin Shook

The Ivory Tower by Dave McNair

One addition to the column section is Dave McNair’s new ‘think-piece and couch-born-adventure’ column The Ivory Tower. Where all in the audiophile lands will be privy to the sacred scrolls of the divine-eared Dave McNair as they are graciously sprinkled down upon us from on high. Scraps from the master’s table will include topics such as: studio recording, album mixing, producing, mastering, active listening, psychology, analog vs digital, system assembly, music history, recording artists, vinyl, reel-to-reel tape, digital-to-vinyl, and other musings to be donned upon our little heads by his McNair-ness.

You may have already become familiar with some of Dave’s works:

Stay tuned, as there is more to come.

Nan Pincus tucked behind a Quad ESL-57—photo by Managing Editor, Eric Franklin Shook

Nan Pincus by Nan Pincus

What genre exactly would you classify the multi-media artist known as Björk? Don’t worry—I’ll wait. Are you done yet? Most writers work to develop a persona, a voice, a taste, a sagacity. Nan Pincus was born with all of those things intact. She is her persona. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Nan Pincus (say that name a few times, it rolls off the tongue nicely) was born in a house that she built with her own two hands. She very well could be the most interesting and life-affirming woman in the world. But aside from all that, she finds herself interested in the obscure, the meticulous, and the challenging. She’s got a thirst for exploring and a hunger for beauty. For an editor to classify her set of talents and interests as anything but in-her-own-genre would be a foolhardy exercise in reaching for the worn out ham-and-corn. Her upcoming contributions to the Nan Pincus column reflect a hodgepodge of interests that include FM radio, all-things-analog, classical music history, DJ-ing, ham radio, interviews, horology, international travel, fine dining… and maybe some hotels, hostels, and caves.

You may have already become familiar with some of Nan’s works:

Stay tuned, as there is more to come.

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