Sonus faber Lumina III Loudspeakers | REVIEW

After spending the first 24 hours with the new Sonus faber Lumina III loudspeakers, here’s what I came up with. First, imagine you’re not an audiophile. You’re just a consumer looking for a nice pair of speakers for your probably mid-fi system, although your friends and family think it’s already pretty fancy and that you’re “really into your music.” You think to yourself that a nice pair of towers would probably suffice, slim and petite enough to blend into your surroundings and pretty enough to show everyone you have a bit of class. How about a pair of three-way towers? Made in Italy, so they’re much more attractive than a mere veneered box? Yeah? These Sonus faber Lumina IIIs are exactly what you need. They’re $2199/pair, and maybe that’s a little more than you wanted to spend but hey, made in Italy! That costs extra, and look how beautiful they are. To the average music loving non-audiophile, a slim, petite three-way tower speaker is a pretty ordinary thing, and the sales floor of most audio dealers have members of this very common species strategically placed all through the sales floors of their stores. I see ‘em all the time, lurking … Continue reading Sonus faber Lumina III Loudspeakers | REVIEW