Maxima Amator, the New Addition to Sonus faber’s Heritage Collection

Sonus faber sent out an announcement last week that has been stirring up conversations behind the press curtain all weekend. Everyone on the staff here at PTA specifically is drooling over the new Maxima Amator two-way tower which is being added to the already famed Heritage Collection at Sonus faber.

The news of this new loudspeaker has brought about a state of unconstrained frenzy in our editorial board. As he is also our chief expert on all speakers Italian, Marc Phillips is surely at-the-ready by the door, waiting for delivery of his Maxima Amator review samples that aren’t even close to shipping. He’s gone mad.

Press Release Below


The New Two-Way Floor Stander Model Pays Homage to Brand’s Italian Roots

Vicenza, Italy (November 30, 2020) – Sonus faber is proud to announce the Maxima Amator, a two-way design speaker that successfully merges two drivers to achieve a unique emotion with the maximum representation of natural sound. The two-way concept, often considered the purest system achievable in regard to electro-acoustic, has been a strong piece of brand identity for Sonus faber products and the Maxima Amator aims to pay homage to this tradition and to music itself, leading the listener to its fullest enjoyment, offering immersion in its deepest essence.

The latest addition to the Heritage collection is completely made in Italy, with a solid walnut wood cabinet, which has been designed thanks to modern wood working methods that allowed Sonus faber the ability to develop a reliable floor- stander cabinet and overcome the structural limits of the solid wood. Great care was taken to create the cabinet’s internal volumes definition – with the cabinet divided into three separate chambers designed to increase the rigidity of the structure, minimizing resonances and shielding the crossover, hosted in a dedicated chamber visible from the back of the cabinet.

The same drivers are utilized as in the Electa Amator III, the 28 mm D.A.D. – Damped Apex DomeTM tweeter with Neodymium magnetic motor system and solid spruce wood acoustic labyrinth rear chamber, and the 180mm mid-woofer with air-dried membrane made of cellulose pulp and natural fibers, mounted on the Sonus faber original design die-cast aluminum basket. Unveiled in the Maxima Amator, Sonus faber has developed the IFF Crossover “Interactive Fusion Filtering” design that foregoes the classical first order series iteration, with non-academic transfer functions based on our accelerated progressive slopes.

With Maxima Amator, Sonus faber encourages the listener to experience the essence of the Sonus faber brand and sound. The Maxima Amator will be available through authorized Sonus faber dealers beginning December 2020 with suggested MSRP being $15,000 USD.


Sonus faber is an Italian manufacturer of handcrafted speakers, and other high-end audio equipment, born from the idea of a man who loved music and its correct reproduction, but also from a person with a special sensibility about handcrafted wood products and a true reverence for beauty. Sonus faber brand tells a story by means of sound and materials. Each Sonus faber product, be it past, present or future, is able to take the listener into a world of long-lasting tradition, Italian culture and craftsmanship. Our handmade musical instruments are true to Italian expertise, with an unforgettable voice that immerses you in a natural sound experience. Sonus faber is a team of creative technicians, inventors of cutting-edge design solutions to carefully develop products that become everlasting works of art for any living style.