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The season finale of The Occasional Podcast could almost be felt as bittersweet. Recorded at the Florida Audio Show earlier this year, it seems light years away from the current restraints of COVID and stay-at-home holiday shopping. As it is, in fact, a joy to interview Josh Meredith and Angela Cardas of Cardas Audio. Their lighthearted banter and well seasoned experience with audio goes deeper than just cables and earphones. Both individuals actually worked at radio stations at one point in their career as well.

The question for those behind the scenes is, of course, why do radio stations always play the same songs? In addition to that insight, the pair provide a working look at HiFi and what helps make gear make great sound. Kicking off the podcast we have our The Occasional Podcast Best Of 2020 Awards thanks to the help of PTA writers Grover Neville and Dave McNair.

Season four comes to a close with the Cardas Audio Episode 10 for The Occasional Podcast, but also available for download is last month’s interview with Heinz Lichtenegger, president of Pro-Ject. You can also check out Getting Started With Vinyl Playback, The Occasional Beginner’s Guide To Digital Audio and our take on the “Loudness Wars” which has been a highlight for the summer. Season three was a memorable one, seeing interviews with such audio legends as Jeff Joseph, Bill Dudleston,Nelson Pass and most recently Rob Watts. We had an amazing response from our last show with Dave exploring all things Mastering, and if you haven’t checked out our beginners guide to reel-to-reel playback, it’s definitely worth a listen.

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