Sonner Audio Names Avantgarde Hong Kong the Exclusive Distributor for China, Hong Kong, Macau

Sonner Audio
Sonner Legato Duo speaker driven by an Audio Note Kondo Overture amplifier in Kowloon, Hongkong.

Sonner Audio of Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA has been having a very successful year. Sonner has grown their dealer network here in the USA, along with winning several industry awards from the American hi-fi press. Today, Sonner Audio adds another achievement to their long list of accomplishments. Sonner Audio names Avantgarde Hong Kong as its exclusive China distributor, including Hong Kong and Macau.

In the press release below you’ll find the details of this new partnership and the philosophy behind every Sonner Audio loudspeaker design. Do continue to follow the Part-Time Audiophile website as we launch our review of the Sonner Audio Legato Unum standmount speaker very soon. Enjoy!

Press Release

Sonner Audio, a United States origin Loudspeaker Company founded in 2015, has appointed Avantgarde Hong Kong as its exclusive China distributor including Hong Kong and Macau.

The Award winning Sonner Legato stand mount and floorstanding loudspeakers are available for listening at Avantgarde’s showrooms in Hong Kong and China. We are extremely excited about this partnership for many reason including that Sonner and Avantgarde share similar sound and music philosophies. Sonner Audio speakers will complement Avantgarde’s electronics, digital and turntable brand offering.

The Sonner Audio mission is to build speakers that deliver the Soul of Music, the Soundstage and the Musician Imaging. Our approach to loudspeaker design incorporates Low Energy Storage Concept, Time Alignment and Phase Coherent methodology. Sonner’s enclosure is built in the United States utilizing a proprietary process of molding layers of selected wood to construct a monocoque curved cabinet shell. Sonner has developed a proprietary crossover technology that is called Panoramic Crossover Technology. This crossover is designed specifically to control each speaker’s driver frequency response, low or flat impedance variation and phase behavior. Low or flat impedance variation is one of Sonner’s key design elements. That element makes our speakers easily driven by different types of amplifiers. We complete our speaker design with extensive listening sessions. With over 25 years of loudspeaker design and build experience you can hear our passion come to reality. We are proud of our achievements noted below and are thankful and humbled by the Awards and acknowledgements received from these highly respected publications.

Sonner Audio

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