Focal Presents Celestee, New Luxury Mobile Headphones

Coming hot on the heels of a strong 2020, with Focal headphones by our side—like the Stellia reviewed by our own Nan Pincus and Dave McNair—we will soon have in our hands one of the most exciting audiophille-luxury headphones to appear in the sub-$1000 market in over a decade.

Focal’s new Celestee is manufactured in France and follows in the footsteps of the Elegia model.

Celestee combines the latest Focal headphones technologies: full-range speaker drivers with a 1 5/8″ (40mm) aluminum/magnesium ‘M’-shape dome manufactured in the St. Étienne workshops. Leather ear pads extend bass frequency response, and provide an acoustic treatment inside the ear pads that limit resonance and improve sound performance. All of this technology provides Celestee with a remarkable tonal balance, namely its incredible bass extension, and its precise treble and high-mids.

Drawing on the Stellia design codes, the Celestee stands out for its elegant and luxurious design. The ear pads, ear cups and headband are covered in a semi-aniline leather. The external ear cup grill has a circle design finish that blends leather and aluminum—an aesthetic code that is common and unique to all Focal closed-back headphones. With its Navy Blue and Soft Copper colorway, Celestee boasts a modern, sophisticated look right down to the smallest details. Such as the speaker driver grill or the cable connectors with their Soft Copper finish.

Celestee also comes with a rigid carrying case with a woven finish, colored matched to the headphones.

Press Release Below

Focal Presents Celestee, New Luxury Mobile Headphones

January 28, 2021 – Following the launch of Stellia in 2019, global audio leader Focal presents Celestee. Delivering uncompromising audio quality, these headphones feature modern design and a blue finish, showcasing the French brand’s savoir-faire in audio. Focal has been present on the headphones market since 2012, developing a universally acclaimed collection of open-back and closed-back headphones.


Focal focuses on combining sophisticated shades to create headphones with a highly original identity, unique in its market segment. The brand has chosen Navy Blue after working with a Designer & Product Colorist. It is the first time this blue has made an appearance in the Focal collection, and it blends harmoniously with the Soft Copper finish.

“Navy is the new Black. Dark blue is a versatile and timeless color that has been increasing in popularity. By choosing Navy Blue, we are adding a sophisticated, sumptuous feel to the headphones. The combination of this blue with copper and bronze accents is a trend influenced by interior and accessory design, and has become popular in watchmaking and consumer electronics sectors. These shades offer a very interesting and elegant alternative to more traditional chrome and silver parts.” Doris Bölck, Designer & Product Colorist


For over 40 years, Focal has been characterized by French innovation and manufacturing. The engineers have taken inspiration from their developments with the Elegia headphones and introduced acoustic treatment inside the Celestee earcups. The sound is precise, balanced and boasts beautiful depth in the bass. This exclusive technology is enhanced by the French savoir-faire of Focal: once the five manufacturing stages involved in the speaker drivers are complete, they are tested and measured, and then kitted out by dedicated teams to provide uncompromising audio quality.


Celestee incorporates a combination of fine materials. Once again, attention is paid to every detail, including the accessories with the thermoformed woven carrying case in colors to match the headphones. The clean lines of the aluminum yoke create controlled geometry to mold perfectly to the head while providing optimal grip. The choice of a semi-aniline leather and microfiber headband, as well as leather earpads, provides added comfort while offering excellent soundproofing, whether you use Celestee at home or on the go.


The Focal Celestee will be $990, and available in the US in February. For more information visit here,

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