Pro-Ject Launches New Line of Products

On Monday it was announced that Pro-Ject would be launching five new products and accessories centered around vinyl playback and maintenance.

Firstly, two cleaning arms that allow you to listen to your records while also cleaning them. Sweep It S2 and Sweep It E both looking a lot like tonearms, these record-brooms offer unique features and convenience for little outlay.

Secondly three new phono preamp models. The Phono Box 500 is an all polished affair that celebrates the half-million mark in units sold, while the The Phono Box S2 Ultra ups the ante when it comes to performance and value. Most exciting to us is the new The Phono Box RS2 which offers the highest class of phono signal amplification available from Pro-Ject. Details on all of these new products (including links) can be found below.

Press Release Below

SWEEP IT S2 ($129)
Magnetically stabilized record broom is constructed in collaboration with Klaus Mick and his patented technology.

SWEEP IT E ($99)
Easy and effective cleaning arm that allows you to enjoy listening to your records while they are being cleaned.

Luxury and performance combined in a unique phono preamp celebrating the 500,000th phono box from Pro-Ject.

A discreet phono preamp that integrates luxury with audiophilia.

THE PHONO BOX RS2 ($1,999)
Reference class phono preamp with unique impedance control.