Qobuz Becomes First Hi-Res, 24-bit Streaming Service Available on Sonos

Qobuz Sonos

Huge news announced from Qobuz and Sonos!

The world becomes a bigger place today with millions of new, and existing, Sonos users now having access to Qobuz Hi-Res Streaming with just plug and play, no additional equipment needed. This marks the first ever availability of hi-res music streaming on the Sonos platform. Never will it have sounded so good.

When I say millions, I mean millions. Back in 2018 during the filing of their IPO, it was reported that Sonos had over 19 million registered devices in close to 7 million homes world-wide. I can’t imagine what those numbers are now, just based on year-over-year earnings reports for the company.

With multiple Sonos devices being common in the home setting, the Qobuz’ Family Plan Subscription now makes more sense than ever before. Details and more below.

Press Release Below

Qobuz Becomes First Hi-Res, 24-bit Streaming Service Available on Sonos

March 24, 2021 — Qobuz, the music lovers’ Hi-Res streaming and download provider, is now the first music service to deliver 24-bit Hi-Res audio streaming on Sonos. Qobuz customers will be able to listen to studio-quality music on their Sonos speakers, preserving all of the details and color of original recordings, with the ease of simply pressing play in the Sonos app. Available with the Sonos S2 app, this new integration is one of Qobuz’s broadest expansions of Hi-Res streaming support to date.

Qobuz USA Managing Director Dan Mackta said of the partnership, “Qobuz has always strived to make the highest quality audio accessible, as people become more interested in better sound. Now, on Sonos devices, we’re making it easy for millions more people to experience the improvement Hi-Res audio can make.”

“Our open platform enables partners to bring the best of their experiences to the Sonos system and our mutual customers,” said Ryan Richards, Director of Product Marketing at Sonos. “Qobuz has been at the forefront of high resolution music streaming, and we look forward to customers enjoying their music with the clarity, depth, and room-filling sound of Sonos.”

In 2013, Qobuz became the first music service to offer 16-bit FLAC streaming on Sonos. And now, it is continuing to expand access to higher- resolution streaming on Sonos by introducing 24-bit streaming, compatible with most products on the Sonos S2 platform, which supports up to 48 kHz/24-bit audio resolution. This new integration builds on Qobuz’s continued expansion of hardware partnerships, including the addition of Hi-Res compatible hardware on the Android platform several years ago.

Qobuz has always catered to the audiophile and the audio-curious market, with its expert curation, exclusive editorial content, liner notes, download store, and world-class sound quality. This expanded experience on Sonos will make premium Qobuz streaming capabilities accessible to a wider audience of music lovers. Qobuz has over seventy million tracks and is adding more in full Hi-Res quality every day.

Qobuz 24-bit Hi-Res streaming is available on Sonos in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States.